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Web design

Is it time to make a better connection?

A good website puts its customers at the heart of the design. As with everything else in your business, your audience should be your priority.

So set aside what you like, and think about what your customers will like.

Another thing. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to draw up a design or a site map for your website. That’s your agency’s job! You’ve got more important things to do.

It’s much better to start with some goals and a budget and some brand guidelines. We’ll then work with you to define your audience and understand how they will interact with your site. Our aim is to give them the best possible experience.

Your website needs some stuff on it! We can also help you produce engaging content that complements the design and communicates your brand.

Define your goals.

Tell us your budget.

Let our UX team work out the best solution.

A great case study Bunch2

Dance4 - Web Design

An immersive web experience that’s as dynamic as its subject.

Dance4 needed something other than a normal website. The site needed to capture the dynamism of their choreography, as well as tell the story of the community they have built through expressive dance installations.

App design

Looking to create a unique experience?

What’s the difference between app design and web design? Using an app can be more interactive, more personal and more intuitive. An app is always there, with your customers wherever they go. Good app design makes the most of this unique media.

First, ask yourself why you want an app. What will it deliver that can’t be found on a website? How will it help your audience engage better with your brand? What unique offering will it provide?

As always, your understanding of your audience should inform the design. A discovery project can help you define your audience, and this will help app designers like us to produce something that works effortlessly to deliver the result you need.


Web / app development

Need help turning your vision into reality?

When we say reality, we mean virtual reality, of course.

Great development relies on great design. And great design relies on understanding your customers’ needs and wants.

Once you’ve gone through the process of designing how your website or app will look and function, it’s time to pass the baton over to some nerdy people who can create it in code.

Development is complicated. We’ll help you determine the right platform to achieve the appearance and functionality you want.

With any website or app, it’s important to measure performance against metrics that are based on your primary goal. To do this, ask why the portal exists. Is it for eCommerce? Let’s measure your online sales. Is it a community site? Let’s measure engagement.

Creating your website is just the beginning. It’s no good having an amazing website if no-one sees it! Find out how online marketing can bring you more traffic.

Our dev team is ready to code.

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