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Video production

Got a story to tell but not sure how to tell it?

Video is one of the best formats for connecting with your audience and telling your unique story. But it’s crucial to get the tone and content right.

Before you start, ask yourself these questions. What is the purpose of the video? Who is it for? Where will it appear? Is it a quick ad? An instructional vid? Something entertaining? Will it have voice over or text overlay? All of the above?

It’s important not to try and do too much in one video, and to make sure you’re speaking to your audience in a way they will understand.

Whatever type of video you need, we can help with scripting, directing, producing, editing and promoting your video. We’d love to help you tell your story through this rich medium.

We can help tell your story.

It's gonna be amazing.

Just like Matt's thumb trick.

A great case study Bunch2

Evil Scarecrow

Half a million views (and counting) and videos the fans love.

The band needed some new music videos to fit their whacky style and appeal to their fan-base. We had ambitious plans to create some technically demanding concepts, which would require all of the studio’s video and animation expertise.

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Need to bring your brand to life?

Animation is a great way to add personality and fun, or to communicate something complex in a simple way.

The first step is to get your brand guidelines sorted. This will help your animator to understand what animation style will complement your brand, what colour palette to work with, and how best to communicate your content.

It’s important that your animation is properly storyboarded before work starts on the moving parts. We can help you to plan your animation from the start, ensuring that the final product will not only be beautiful but also right for you.

Our animation skills include everything from simple moving parts to full-blown 3D - whatever you need and whatever best suits your brand.

Iulia is one of our moving picture experts.

Zoe is another one!


Ready to grab some attention?

Great photography used in the right places can turn a bland brand into an engaging and exciting experience for your customers.

Before you hire a professional photographer, ask yourself what kind of photography you need. Do you need crisp, clean product shots against white? Do you need emotive, aspirational photos of people who represent your brand? Do you need team photography to help make a more personal connection?

All of these photo types can bring different and equal value to your brand, and it’s important to know where to use each type of image.

Understanding your brand is key to making the right photography decisions. Great business photography can’t be done in a vacuum - it’s vital to remember your brand and your audience, even when you’re on a shoot. Photography is just another form of brand communication.

Using our on-site photography studio or despatching a team to your location, we will help you to produce the right imagery for your project, and advise you on how to use your brand to get the most out of your shiny new assets.

Studio hire

Looking for sexy studio space?

Great photography requires the perfect environment. Whether you’re shooting simple product shots on white or moody character pieces, a professional photography studio is a must.

Are you a photographer? Or have you hired a photographer for a project? If you need a place to shoot, hire our studio. It’s packed full of exciting lighting tech, useful props and other gizmos - it’s really cool.

We never knew how much we needed a photography studio until we built one! It inspires us every day. Our own professional photographers love getting creative in it.

If your photography is going to be part of something bigger - a website, a brochure, a social media campaign, or anything else - talk to us about it. We can help you take your photography further and build it into your brand.

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