Client meet host.

We are partnered with the best and most reliable hosts in the world so that we can properly marry your hosting needs with the most suitable provider. Understanding the needs of your website or platform is key to making sure that you have the correct solution.

As web developers we have lot of experience with known platforms, such as WordPress and Magento. These Content Management Systems and eCommerce solutions require expertise in hosting and server configuration.

Helping you get your hosting right is a service that we're proud to offer, whether we have built your site or not!

Quality hosting

Make sure your new website is stored properly so that people will always be able to access it. We offer top quality web and email hosting to make sure your website is always available - we know how annoying and costly downtime can be. Our standard hosting services include space on a shared server, FTP access as required and unlimited email accounts.

Suited to you

We also offer a host of extras to give you complete access and protection to all of your online accounts. Dedicated server space is available, and we'll advise the best options to match your level of traffic, etc. Standard hosting starts at £100+VAT/year. Contact us for details of extra hosting services.

Secure web hosting

Our standard hosting is more than sufficient for most websites, offering protection, reliable access and security. Optional extras include:

  • Load balancing
  • Custom error pages
  • Password protection
  • Upgrade to a dedicated server

Email services

Looking after your email accounts is important too as you need to make sure people can reach you. Our standard hosting includes unlimited email addresses. Also available are exchange mailboxes and advanced mailboxes, offering a host of extras such as SPAM filtering, virus scanning and a bundle of extra storage space. Contact us to discuss what might be best for you.

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