What is Online Marketing?

Online marketing is the activity of promoting your organisation, brand, products and services through a range of activities with the intention of improving your overall digital footprint. It is generally broken down into 5 sections

  1. Research - Market Research and Analysis
  2. Optimise - Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  3. Market - Improving Organic Traffic and Results
  4. Promote - Improving Paid Traffic and Results
  5. Analyse - Analytics, Conversion and Reporting

It should endeavour to attract quality website traffic, build your brand and connect your organisation with your audience.

The five principles of online marketing

The simple version

Research. Optimise. Market. Promote. Analyse.

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1. Research

Market Research and Keyword Analysis

Let's Find Your Audience

Keyword Analysis all starts with research and creating the roadmap for potential visitors to find your website. We undertake a comprehensive analysis of your particular business sector to find the best keywords and search terms for your site. We can also write your copy and make sure everything is informative, relevant and targeted.

The research phase allows us to create a digital strategy, KPIs and SMART objectives.

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2. Optimise

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Now we re-engineer your site so that Search Engines understand your business.

Once we have your key phrases it's time to build or optimise your site. A successful blend of great-looking design and measured SEO ensures you get the quality traffic you need. All of our sites are built to be semantic and coherent, so the code is already suited to be Google-friendly. Our code is validated and tested to ensure the best performance.

We will also help and advise on the best ways to achieve your goals from the newly attracted visitors - whether that be converting into sales or client engagement.

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3. Market

Improving Organic Traffic and Results

We need to make sure that search engines see your site as 'important'

Improving Organic Traffic and Results is not a one-off task. We monitor our sites and update as necessary, ironing out any technical or website performance issues that arise. We can keep your website up to date as the business grows or the market changes.

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4. Promote

Improving Paid Traffic and Results

Let's promote your site through paid networks and set up your campaigns

Setting up and running PPC campaigns is a complex process but don't worry, we can help. We provide full campaign creation across all of the paid platforms (Social Media Advertising, Google AdWords etc) and monitor the success through a range of analytics. Conversion tracking allows us to monitor and tweak the success of the advertising to maximise your ROI.

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5. Analysis

Analytics, Conversion and Reporting

How is all the new marketing working? What can we improve?

Monitoring the performance of the Marketing and Promotional activities is key to improving the results. Creating really clear conversion goals and analysing the online reports allows us to refine the campaigns and tweak further with things like AB testing.

Monthly reports of all our activity and the results measured against our goals provide genuine clarity of how the campaigns are performing

website health check

Do you have an existing site that is not performing?

We have some amazing tools to analyse and check your site over. We call it the Rusty Monkey Health Check. It's a combination of software and analysis and reports collated by our in house SEO experts.

We not only examine simple metrics, page speed and SERPS. We look at the whole picture broken down into:

  • Audience - Are you reaching your full audience? Who is your audience and what opportunities are there for you?
  • Marketing - How many sites are linking to you? What about your competitors? Do you have any toxic links?
  • Social - How does your social profile look?
  • Authority - How old is your domain and does your hosting have any impact?
  • Experience - Is your site mobile friendly? Does it suffer from speed issues?
  • Quality - How accessible is your site, are there code errors, semantic problems or other technical issues?

SEO and Online Marketing activities

Some of the work we do as part of an online marketing retainer.

Each client is individual and our market research will help create a digital strategy unique to the needs of the organisation.

Social Media Management

Social media plays an important role in both referring traffic and giving your brand a more human voice. Online interaction is as valuable today as personal interaction has ever been. If you're new to social media it can seem a bit daunting. We're here to help.

Content marketing

We can provide content for your website to keep the website fresh and on-brand, whether your business is small-to-medium, national or international. Good content drives traffic and brand-awareness.

We can create engaging content such as animations, infographics, video or interactive elements such as quizzes or competitions.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking reveals how effective your website is in terms of the user's journey - from site entry to purchase, for example. This allows us to monitor and manage the website by identifying customer behaviour and areas requiring improvement, using techniques such as A/B testing and more.

Existing Websites

Our SEO and online marketing services aren't restricted to new build sites, we also specialise in giving existing sites the boost they need to compete effectively. Let us give you a quote for a complete website analysis and overhaul.


Advertising has evolved. Google Adwords can provide quick wins to your brand's marketing mix. Setting up and running a PPC campaign is a complex process but don't worry, we can help. First of all we will carry out the necessary analysis and set up your campaign. Then we will monitor the performance and update as necessary to get you the best results for your money.

We can also run Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) advertising campaigns for you. This type of advertising can be particularly helpful for brand awareness or targeting a very specific audience.

We'll work with you to determine the most effective addition to your internet marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

We can help you build and manage your subscribers list and even connect everything to a CRM.

Building newsletter campaigns and talking directly to your subscribed audience is a great way to build your brand and digital engagement.

Let's work together!

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