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Opening a shop is only the first part to a successful online business. Often the most important part is what you do after.

From keeping your store up-to-date with new products, helping out with marketing emails or tracking your conversions, we are here to help. It's hard work keeping up with latest trends and keeping your store running so let us lighten the load.

Whatever the shop, we can help!

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We can help with ecommerce conversion using tools such as google analytics to see where people are dropping out of your conversion funnel. Sometimes the obvious can get overlooked and a small tweak can boost your sales. Let us take a look at how your products are performing and where your traffic is going.

Catalog Maintenance

If you have a lot of products to keep on top of in your store, let us help out. Often there are solutions to bulk edit or add products to get your store up-to-date without taking all day. Or maybe you have a complex tax or shipping requirement that you need help with. Get in touch and we will see what we can do.

Email Marketing

Do you need a beautiful email to let people know your latest news? Do you want to inform every one about your latest offers? Email Marketing is an effective way to remind existing customers of your exciting new products and bring them back to your shop. Or maybe you want to follow up on why someone put a product in their cart but never bought it.

Security updates

Every store unfortunately needs a security update now and then. It can be tricky and but if it isn't done then you and your customers can be at risk. Let us take the worry out of these patches and you will be safe in no time.

Let's work together!

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