Collaborating with our experts can help you understand your business better, identify goals, find and resolve issues and build a better future. Fun, interactive, creative days. Get a fresh perspective, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with our team. Includes real things you can take away, plus a free lunch.

Sometimes finding your purpose or goal and getting everyone following the same vision can be challenging on your own. Our workshops are designed to bring your team together, create focus and improve understanding. 

They are a mixture of learning and collaborative exercised that have been proven to help change and grow organisations. 

We can help you build meaningful goals, find your brand voice and revolutionise the way you interact with your customers. 

Our technical workshops can help you properly scope complex web design projects, apps or other software.

Our workshops are designed to supplement the skills you have by offering collaborative exercises with our experts in design, branding, UX, UI, and technology.

We mostly do the workshop in person here at RMHQ, but we can we also run remote sessions. We connect your team with the experts you need and run proven exercises to deliver results. 

We have 5 full workshops that form part of our full brand strategy. You can learn about them by reading our blog - What is branding?

We can also spend time with you to help build your marketing strategy, starting with meaningful goals all the way to how to use modern technology to deliver OKRs and KPIS.

We have workshops designed to help you build a killer web brief so that you get the website you and your customers deserve.

And, our favourite, is a Free 1 hour workshop. We launched these during Covid to help organisations talk to us about, well anything really. Not sure how to sell online? You have systems falling over? Lost customers? Brand advice?

Interesting and informative session with Matt and Chris, which has given me lots of useful information to look at, and consider in relation to my brand. Proper nice guys too!

-- Drew Rowley

Matt and Chris offered an hour of their time and sparked thought-provoking conversations, perspectives, marketing and brand considerations and so much more. This did not feel like a business conversation but a wonderful exchange of ideas. Leaning into their expertise made for a really interesting hour and many actions to consider. I would highly recommend their services.

-- Angie MacArthur

You are building a new brand from scratch or rebranding an existing organisation.

A great brand is built on strong foundations. While it’s important that you personally like your brand, your brand should not be driven purely by your own subjective likes and dislikes. It shouldn’t come from the top of your head, but from meaningful analysis and careful thought.

Read more about our brand strategy.

Our five full day branding workshops will take you through this process, step-by-step. Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Brand identity (including core values, brand attributes and brand positioning)

  • Audience and communication

  • Customer journey - mapping

  • Customer journey - analysis

  • Goal setting and strategy

You are creating an online marketing strategy that will bring you ROI and will help you measure your success.

We look at the goals you hope your organisation will achieve and determine a marketing strategy that will enable you to take action towards these goals and objectively measure your success.

We love sharing knowledge about OKRs and how to build systems internally that will help you map out your strategy, hit your goals and measure your KPIs.

You need a new website for your organisation but you don't yet have a brief for an agency to work with.

This is a great starting point for any web design project. From just £3000 we can help you determine everything you need to build a killer web brief.

You have some complex requirements for your website project but you don't have a written scope that will help an agency build the thing.

Some larger organisations and SMEs can have many moving parts with regards web design.

Our scoping project can help untangle the spaghetti and create a clear technical roadmap.

This consists of:

  1. Organisational review. We’ll interview your team and start building a scope from the perspective of everyone in the business.

  2. Audience and users workshop. A one day event, with lunch! We’ll get your main stakeholders together with our technical and UX team and build out your audience and users. 

  3. Build a use case board and run MoSCoW to determine your phase 1 build.

  4. Draw user flows and state diagrams. Very useful if your project is super complicated.

You're not sure how best to spend your budget or how to achieve your goals. You need some advice, inspiration, knowledge - or just a lovely chat - with no obligation.

These free workshops are perfect if you’re looking for advice across any creative, design, web-based technology and marketing in general.

It works by booking in a session (just get in touch). We’ll connect you with Matt, Chris and/or Emma via a prebooked video conference and we'll endeavour to give you some good advice and send you some links and useful stuff. We’re not going to sell you anything. We just ask you to leave a review if you found the session valuable.

How long does a workshop last?

A normal workshop is about 6 hours including lunch in the middle.

What do I get at the end?

It depends on the workshop, but we record everything and normally deliver the outcomes along with some actions after the workshop. 

This could be a giant Trello board of use cases or a design brief for your branding project - or anything else.

Can I get a refund if I don't find the workshop valuable?

Yes. 100%. We are confident that you’ll be happy, but if, after the first workshop, you don’t feel like you're getting value, then we would be happy to give you a full refund.

How I do I book a workshop?

Just fill out the form and let us know which workshop you're interested in. If you're interested in more than one workshop, or have any specific requirements or questions, just add a note. Also if you have any dates you can or can't do, let us know.

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