Internet marketing, online marketing, SEO, SEM, social media marketing... It can feel like a world full of jargon, but it’s really all about connecting you to your audience - online.

Online marketing is the practice of advertising your organisation using internet technologies. It has replaced print, TV and radio advertising as the most important and prominent method of advertising for almost every business in the world. It's a vast topic, because the internet is a vast place.

What's important is building a strategy that will bring you results. This is all about understanding your audience and strategically deploying budget and activity in the right directions and with the right content to get the best engagement. This can take time to get right.

Internet marketing (or online marketing) is essential to help your business or organisation grow and engage. 

It is the single most important advertising activity a modern organisation can do in today's predominantly digital market.

It can help you reach some sales goals, improve your reputation, develop your brand recognition and loyalty, bring in better customers, launch a product, explain a service, or improve fundraising. It could even completely change the culture of your business or organisation.

The benefits of good online marketing are as great as your vision. If you’re randomly posting on social, trying to win #1 in Google, and losing money on PPC then you are probably suffering from a lack of focus.

A good online marketing strategy should help you realise your goals and dreams. Focusing on your organisation's OKRs and creating a plan is a great place to start.

To understand the size and opportunities of ‘all things online marketing’ you could check out the PESO model. It’s not a bad overview of the different approaches, activities or services that you can adopt. But be wary of your budgets. It is often better to focus on specific areas at first. There are also some great tools and resources to get you started if you’re trying to do this on your own. Or, you can partner with an agency to help.

Often the best place to start (or even if you have been going for years) is to chat with one of our experts in a free 1 hour masterclass.

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We have dramatically expanded their exposure online through continuous and tailored marketing content as well as careful evaluation of the continuous work. Working closely with Trade customers, installers and end users to ensure a friendly community is built and maintained online.

This is ideal if you’re looking to launch a new product or service or, perhaps, promote an event. Maybe you have a single goal that you’re looking to achieve. “We want to double our online sales over the summer”.

This type of campaign generally lasts 3 to 6 months. We start with a strategy meeting to understand your goals and work together on some KPIs. It works really well if you have a specific budget to achieve the goal (if you need help with budgets we can do that too). Here’s a great vlog about budget setting.

Sometimes building and modelling specific funnels can help us agree on traffic and conversion goals and set some expectations.

We work together in an Agile way to deliver all of the tasks to help start chipping away at those KPIs, gathering data and insights as we go.

Importantly, we are in partnership together and will always share the bad with the good so that we can learn what works for your audience.

This service is best service by a project.

Very few organisations have everything that they need in place to action all of the tasks and activities that they need for a successful digital strategy. Our questboard is a great way to start collaborating and evaluating what could be good, bad or ugly.

So, for example, you might be having trouble with installing the Facebook pixel, your Google Analytics isn’t reporting correctly, you want to improve your page speed, your finance director is pushing to set up Google Adwords and your HR manager wants to measure job applications.

We start by recording all of the things you’re looking to achieve. Our marketing strategists can help evaluate the worth of each thing and we can then schedule and collaborate on the things that will bring the most value.

Sometimes an hour spent tidying up your Google Business Listing is more fruitful than 10 hours trying to build backlinks to a low-quality page. 

This type of strategy can vary in length and depends on your budget. The aim is to deliver the best value for the finance available and provide you with the support you need.

You'll need to run your strategy for a while and tweak it over time to get the best results, so this type of service is best served by a retainer.

How can SEO help me get more traffic?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a marketing discipline that helps your website perform better in search results. The old-school way was to try and get to Google’s Position #1 (the top result), but things have moved on.

Position #1 is such a competitive piece of digital real estate these days that it’s practically impossible for most businesses to get there and stay there. Also, it now appears far below other high-value content. So it’s actually not all it’s cracked up to be.

We can help build an SEO strategy for your website that will actually work, using high quality content that your audience will find valuable.

How much does online marketing cost?

Online marketing retainers for most SMEs can vary from £500 per month to £20k per month. There are some great ways to help set appropriate budgets, but the best way is to set budgets for certain goals. It is also common to separate out your own fees, your agency fees and the fees that you would pay the online advertisers (such as Google Adwords or Social Media Advertising).

How much is an online marketing campaign?

An online marketing campaign can cost anywhere from £3k to £100,000s. It all depends on the timescale, budgets and goals. Funnel modelling software and an OKR workshop can help evaluate budgets. Still stuck? Another great tip is to value your campaign and set a budget of 5% to 10% of that value. Want to sell £1m of widgets? Then £100k seems like a good investment. Want to sell £4000 worth of event tickets? Then maybe £400 makes sense.

What online marketing activity is best?

Should you be using TikTok? Is PR right for you? Maybe you should be paying for influencer engagement? There is no one-fits-all model. But the best advice is to understand your audience. What are their “social graphics”? Then do some analysis around competition and focus on a particular activity. If you spread your budget over everything you’ll probably get nowhere fast. We can help you develop the best strategy based on audience analysis.

How do I get to number 1 in Google?

Well, the short answer is why and what for? Good online marketing will concentrate less on this very specific (and sometimes pointless) metric and focus more on things like improving quality organic traffic. #1 in Google can be a great win. But it can also be an expensive failure.

Should I start a blog?

Probably. And if you're asking this question then it may have been suggested as a good means of improving your online marketing. But this sort of content isn’t for everyone and requires a good strategy, focus, and regularity.

Communicating stories that your audience cares about is a great form of engagement. But, neglected blogs date your website and bad content can do more damage than good.

A good agency or a great marketing manager could help to get this form of content marketing working really well. Here's a free guide to get you started.

When will we see results from online marketing?

You can see results straight away. Especially if you have been active with your online marketing.

A fast result can be changing your paid advertising strategy and you can see results within 5 to 7 days. Other online marketing activities can take longer to measure, especially improvements to SEO.

In general, if you are looking at the bigger picture, 3 to 6 months is a good window of time to understand what strategies look good. After 12 months you should start getting much more meaningful data as you can start looking at year-on-year comparisons.

How do I measure ROI (Return on Investment) or ROAS (Return on Average Spend)?

You can measure ROI and ROAS through a variety of different means. For eCommerce this is reasonably straightforward as the data can be drawn from your platform. If you’re B2B and selling contracts outside of an online payment gateway then hooking up a CRM is a great way to measure online marketing activity. You can set up some tools online or work with an agency to help connect the dots for you.

Which social media channel is best for B2B?

It can vary depending on where your audience lives online. Understanding these “social graphics” is a good way to determine which platform may bring you the best results. A lot of B2B businesses get good engagement through LinkedIn specifically. But everything is dependent on what you want to say to whom and why. Starting from the perspective of your audience will always bring better results.

What's the difference between a digital strategy and an online marketing strategy?

An online marketing strategy should help a business achieve a set of goals mostly through activity around the PESO model. A digital strategy can look similar but has broader goals in using technology to solve other business needs. For example - taking your accounting system online and integrating it with your eCommerce system could be part of the more holistic view of a digital strategy.

At Rusty Monkey we understand the interconnectivity of digital systems, and the scope of what we can achieve with a partnership can always extend to these more systemic solutions. We love automation and helping organisations roll out their digital strategy alongside their marketing goals.

So, if you need that CRM to grab data from your ERP and stick it into some other acronym so that your customers get a better experience then we could just be the partner for you.

What is SEO vs SEM?

SEO (search engine optimisation) is a catch-all phrase to describe any activity done to improve your organic rank for search. SEM (search engine marketing) is the use of paid search platforms to drive targeted traffic to your website.

Both have their place (alongside everything in the PESO model), and a good agency can help determine which suits your goals better.

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