Engage and communicate with your target audience with attention-grabbing visuals. Create professional looking marketing assets that are on-brand and have real personality. Promote your business in print or online with beautiful, bespoke graphics and illustrations that tell your unique story.

Beautiful layouts, bespoke iconography, hand-drawn illustration, 3D renders - creating amazing visual content is one of the things that will set you apart from your competitors.

We can help you develop your brand's visual style and build a content library to provide you with a range of assets for your digital and print marketing.

Our graphic design and illustration services cover everything from document layout to hand-drawn vectors to 3D renders.

Graphic design and illustration strengthen your brand and values, connecting you with your audience by giving your shared beliefs and compelling content a visual identity. 

A great visual identity improves your reputation, develops your brand recognition and loyalty, bringing in better, long-term customers.

While there are some great free and paid stock assets out there - such as layout templates and vector graphics - it's always better to have something that was made specifically for you. This is because we can tailor your assets to match your brand identity and the message you want to put out.

Getting bespoke graphics and illustration is a level up - it will set you apart from your competitors and make you look more competent and professional, thus developing trust in your customers.

You might want to combine our graphics and illustration services with bespoke photography to create a complete suite of visual assets.

Our graphic design services are usually used by customers who have an ongoing marketing retainer with us, giving us scope to create new assets for their marketing campaigns. However, we can also provide these services to help you achieve a standalone project.

We'll start by having a chat with you to understand what the purpose of your design piece is. Who is it for, where will it live, how do we want your audience to feel, what is the main intended message, what is the call to action, and so on. 

Once we decide on the type of design work that is needed and we have discussed its purpose, we will create a design brief. This document will help keep both you and us on track as we assess the final designs later down the line. 

Following the design brief, we then design or illustrate your piece, which we then review against the brief to make sure we have delivered everything that both parties agreed to.

Learn about our individual services; graphic design, illustration and 3D renders. Questions? Read our FAQs.

Some selected projects. Browse our portfolio for more.

NACCC always put the welfare of the children at the forefront of their work. We created lovable and relatable animal characters in a storybook format to help communicate the role of contact centres to children whose parents are separating.

Jura offer exciting active excursions for children and adults in the Swiss Alps. We support them in an ongoing retainer to create graphic design assets that capture the essence of the breathtaking scenery of the area, and the thrilling adventures they offer.

You need someone to help you create professional looking visual assets, either for your print or your digital marketing. Because it's not okay to design things in Microsoft Word.

Graphic design is a broad discipline that covers everything from simple brochure layouts to developing signage for your property. Posters, infographics, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, website layouts, mobile apps, software interfaces - these are just a few examples of graphic design applications.

The key to great graphic design is creating a visual concept that fixes a problem or communicates a specific message. Our graphic designers will work with your internal marketing team and your brand guidelines to produce assets that are on-brand and delivering the right message and feel for your audience.

Graphic design is an integral part of your marketing as it can be used at all stages of the sales process. It is important that your graphics are consistent in your marketing collateral to establish a recognisable, trustworthy brand in the eyes of your customers.

Combining the main elements of design such as lines, shape, texture, typography and balance, our designers can make bespoke graphics to fit your business.

You need bespoke illustrated assets to add some spice to your marketing materials.

Illustration is a broad scope that can feature anything from a set of icons to use on your website to hand-drawn characters for a storybook.

The difference between art and illustration is that illustrations are created with a specific purpose in mind, while art doesn't need a reason to exist. Illustration can be used to tell a story, to explain something, or to simply represent your brand, amongst many other things.

It can take many shapes, from flat, vector styles, to hand drawn characters, to intricately painted backgrounds. It often doesn't matter what technique the illustrator uses though; what's important is that the illustration serves its purpose.

Illustration can be used in advertising, fashion, infographics, packaging, editorials, storybooks, technical (scientific) explainers, or even used as initial concepts for film and animation.

Depending on your goals and budget, we will recommend the best option for you.

You need to visualise something in 3D, but photography won't do. Maybe you don't have access to the physical object, maybe it's too big or expensive to photograph, or maybe it doesn't yet exist. Either way, 3D renders can make it real.

3D rendering is the art of creating photo-realistic three dimensional graphics of an object, person or place.

It's an intricate process that requires mapping out the exact angles, surfaces, dimensions and textures of the subject in 3D software.

Although this can initially take a long time, the benefits are huge. The 3D object can then be manipulated in virtual space, allowing you to grab snapshots from all angles.

The object can also be animated to move within the 3D space.

3D renders are the ideal medium for realising a product that's still in development, or for capturing an image of something that can't be photographed.

It is used in video game development and film to bring the impossible to life.

Our 3D designer Iulia can use this alchemy to create images or animations of pretty much anything, which can then be used on your website, social platforms, or in other marketing materials.

Will you design me something in Microsoft Word?

No, we will never use Microsoft Word to design anything because it's not a design tool - it's a word processing tool. We use the Adobe Creative Suite to do most of our design work.

If you need to be able to edit the design work we create, we recommend using a cloud-based platform like Figma, which is free to use. Or you can purchase a single Adobe license for your in-house graphic designer to use.

How much will it cost?

That depends on the scope of the project. A simple document layout will probably be cheaper than hand-drawn illustrations, but even that isn't a certainty as it depends on the size of the document and whether or not you need us to create any content for it. The best bet is to contact us with your goals and budget, and we'll recommend the right solution for you.

Are there any additional costs?

We may need to purchase third party assets on your behalf, such as stock photography and fonts. We will let you know in advance if this is the case. The price of such assets is usually very low.

What design software packages do you use?

We use Adobe Creative Suite! But if you find an alternative free design software (which isn't Word!) we can probably adapt to it!

Will I be able to edit or amend the files myself?

If you have your own copy of Adobe, we can provided editable files for you to make future amends in. We advise that in order to keep your brand looking professional to only allow someone with design experience make design alterations, and to always follow brand guidelines before making changes.

Who owns the copyright for the designs you produce?

Once complete payment has been made, you own the copyright of the designs and can use them how you wish - however we reserve the right to use them for our own promotional purposes.

Do you do last minute rushed jobs?

It depends on the job scope and our current workload, but please contact us in case we do have the time, as we do like a challenge! If you're simply looking for a quick turnaround, ask us about our one day workshops.

What graphic design and illustration services do you provide?

We can do all sorts! Whatever you need, we can probably provide it - from packaging design, books and brochures to t-shirts... to hand-drawn illustrations to digital - tell us your vision and we will make it happen!

Will your style suit my project?

Before starting your project we will talk with you and provide example styles which we think might fit what you want to achieve, as well as ask you to research some design styles you like. If you would like to see more examples of work by our talented designers, please ask!

How will I receive the finished design?

We will provide packaged files to you via Google Drive - as well as any suitable file formats depending on how you will use the design - if that is vector or raster, for digital or print.

Do you create design work for digital platforms, or print?

We can create design for both digital and print, we will ask beforehand where your design will be used - and this will allow us to decide which is the best software, resolution and colourspaces to use.

Do you also print what I need?

Unfortunately, we do not provide printing services in-house, but we will package up your files ready for print. You can then send these direct to any printers of your choice to get printed. Alternatively, we can source printers for you and liaise with them on your behalf for an additional fee.

Will I be involved in the design process?

We will involve you from the beginning to ensure the design project is going in the right direction, and will check in with you to review at regular intervals. We design everything based on our understanding of your brand, audience and goals, and we ask that you trust us to make design decisions within these parameters. We will provide structures to help you deliver objective feedback and we ask that a key decision maker is available to sign off our work.

Can you animate any illustrations created?

Yes we can indeed! Our very talented illustrator, Iulia, just so happens to also be a very talented animator! Check out our animation page!

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