Jura offer exciting active excursions for children and adults in the Swiss Alps. We support them in an ongoing retainer to create graphic design assets that capture the essence of the breathtaking scenery of the area, and the thrilling adventures they offer.

Luxfer is a leading producer of highly engineered advanced materials that help to protect lives, keep the environment cleaner, and make industry more efficient. We were tasked with creating a 3D animation that would explain how bus hydrogen systems work. 

Avila Herbals require packaging that reflects their brand and sets them apart from any other ‘typical’ hemp product. They required these designs for both the physical packaging and as images on their website.

Whitebarrel realised they were taking on too many things at once, and needed to streamline the menu and business and focus more on doing ‘one thing well’. So we created a brand that had more focus, but could also crossover to their main business, Avila, using a link of agriculture.

Whitebarrel needed their wine labels to be updated in-line with their new brand to help reveal their new look to customers.

Avila Herbals focus on producing therapeutic products to help those struggling with chronic pain, stress, and anxiety. The therapeutic CBD market is saturated with nondescript branding and ubiquitous hemp leaves. We wanted to do something different, something that would set them apart from traditional stereotypes of hemp product users and challenge the market status quo.

Select Living Group needed to upgrade their ecommerce store to allow for additional B2B functionality. Using Shopify, we implemented a member's area and trade membership system that would give certain users access to a site-wide discount, thus allowing registered trade users to purchase online without forgoing their trade discount (previously only available for orders placed via phone or email).

The goal of this project was to raise brand awareness among our existing customers, and to demonstrate our in-house services (such as illustration, photography, video and design). But more importantly, we want to support small independent businesses.

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