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Why charities deserve great branding.

The client

Contact centres that work better for children.

The drive behind NACCC's rebranding project was to communicate better with their key audience - the children they help and support.

The brief

Bringing a new vision to life.

We'd already worked with NACCC on their storybooks and website. They asked us to update their brand in line with their new vision.

What we created

A much-needed makeover.

NACCC's existing brand was constrained by a limited colour palette. There was no consistency across assets, no rules for typography or image style, and the logo was complicated and hard to remember. With so many assets being produced across the organisation, a set of brand rules was desperately needed.

Before: The logo was complicated, clunky and hard to identify.

After: The new logo is simple, memorable, eye-catching and distinct.

Before: Assets created across the organisation were a real mixed bag. Off-brand fonts caused graphics to appear choatic and confusing.

After: We introduced some simple typography rules for everyone to follow.

Before: NACCC's social media pages were a little "one-note", limited by the restrictive colour palette.

After: We mocked up new and engaging social pages that draw on an expanded colour palette to create visual interest.

The result

A brand that speaks volumes.

Building on the work we'd done in the storybooks and on the website, we created a new brand that's visually appealing to NACCC's target audience - children. The brand guidelines provide rules for all content-creators to design assets that are consistent and engaging.

Do you need to rebrand your charity or non-profit organisation?

Your cause matters to us.

We don't enjoy working with companies who put profit first. Why? Because so often they don't care about their audience, they don't care about lofty causes, and they don't care about the welfare of their employees. All of this goes against our core beliefs. Money is just the fuel you put in your car to get you to where you want to go - it's not why any of us is here.

That's why we love working with charities and non-profits. Because you exist to make the world a better place. You have a cause that everyone in your team believes in. You care about the people whose lives you impact. And you raise money to make a difference, not to make a profit.

We believe that branding can make a huge difference to charities and non-profits. It can help you make a better connection with the people who back your cause, it can bring you more visability, and it can make it easier to look professional and get funding.

Our brand philosophy is tailored to help charities and non-profits succeed and excel.

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