We were contacted in the summer of 2015 by Attimo Winery, an already successful company based in Virginia. They were looking for a completely fresh start - just our kind of job.


For the rebrand, we carried out some in-depth research to come up with a selection of ideas for a brand name, voice and logo. Looking at what was already out there in the world of wine, pretty much anything goes in terms of a brand name. Geographical and natural references seemed popular, if a little cliched.

We came to the conclusion that the main brand driver had more to do with the overall message and voice than the name itself - a company philosophy approach, something Tess and Rik could embrace, believe in, and run with.

So, with a firm focus on simplicity, clarity and elegance we began crafting the 'Whitebarrel' brand - a nod to the industry and a timeless name we felt had huge potential. They loved it. We loved it.



The main corporate logo now in place (along with sub-brands) we further consolidated the brand with a strong visual style. Whitebarrel pride themselves on using traditional methods to produce their award-winning wines so we felt a subtle blend of comfortingly rustic and modern professional was the ideal fusion - old meets new.

Colour also played an important role in the process. Often understated, it is as vital in brand recognition as the logo itself. We fashioned a virtually monochrome palette featuring a contrasting interweave of subtle brown and yellow tints. A heavily saturated photo filter was created to bring the photos in line.

We tied this part up with a great little strapline - 'It's about time ...' - it works on so many levels, really let's your imagination run.



For their online sales and marketing we built a fully responsive Wordpress website featuring the WooCommerce toolkit. This provides the necessary content management functionality for them to update the shop as well as event booking and blogging.

This in itself was no quick task, and far more deserving of the number of words actually dedicated to it here. Working closely with Tess and Rik we nailed the keyword analysis and layout and skin design in good time before populating the pages, setting up the commercial section (payments, shipping, filters, UI etc), performed all manner of complex configurative work before thoroughly testing the entire thing.


Being very busy people, Rik and Tess signed up on a small retainer so we can readily jump on onsite issues and document design for them. This ensures, above all, that everything is done on brand and to a professional standard - further strengthening the Whitebarrel position.

It's this faith is us, since the very beginning, that has lead to such a successful implementation and launch. Tess and Rik bought in on Whitebarrel straight away - emotionally and philosophically - and are simply running with it. An approach which has worked wonders.


Barely eight months after launch Whitebarrel's growth is clearly visible, both as a company and a brand: all their offline and online marketing is consistent, the message, the tone, the look and feel. They've used the tools we made for them and as such the branding has permeated throughout. They even used the colour palette when deciding on the winery decor and have repurposed old casks for use as curios - painted white of course.

Rik and Tess are delighted with the end result and are shouting about it all the over in sunny Virginia. At Rusty Monkey we love to help great businesses reach their full potential.

Three years later, they have branched out with their own Tapas bar in Blacksburg, launched exciting new lines such as wine infusions and honey, they now cater for parties and host weddings, there's always something going on, and the awards keep rolling in. Just goes to show how powerful a brand can become when embraced and nurtured.

Here's to their ongoing success - cheers!

Yep. Love it. You guys are amazing.

 Rik Obiso and Tess Gallagher
Owners, Whitebarrel.

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