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The exhibition explored the Elizabethan notions of cultural values that shaped the world as we know it today. This was a great opportunity for us to tackle the technical requirements and skin the app with an aesthetically pleasing theme.

These requirements included an interactive indoor tour of the Hardwick Hall exhibition and a location-sensitive map for the external landmarks. The location-sensitive software was developed in-house using geo-location and geo-fencing. Geo-fencing involves creating a virtual barrier around a specific area. Once the user enters a particular barrier, they are sent a notification explaining the historical significance of the site. We were pleased to hear that the app received positive feedback from all involved!


Incidentally, although the exhibition inside Hardwick Hall is no longer running, you can still use the app to explore the outdoor locations. You might like to experience the 16th century church in England's smallest village, or Hardwick Inn which was furnished with 'Bedding furniture etc., fitting for the entertainment of gentlemen and strangers'. Ooh I say.

Everything looks really wonderful, I'm really pleased with the app, and it adds massively to the exhibition and the project as a whole.

 Dr Helen Smith 
Managing Director, Department of English and Related Literature University of York.

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