Titan the Robot

A few years later when Mark was involved with a new enterprise (along with Mark Foggett) he came back to us. We were very excited to build a website for Titan the Robot. You probably know that Titan is very famous, and regularly rubs shoulders with the likes of Jackie Chan and Rihanna!

The brand was already incredibly successful, but was in need of a branding refresh and an up-to-date, fully responsive website that would be impressive enough for the international company to show to important clients. Titan tours all around the world and has a growing market in Dubai.


Since the two Marks wanted to regularly update the site's blog and events calendar, the best option seemed to be a simple but elegant Wordpress build. We chose a theme and various plugins and added some bespoke elements to deliver a clean, modern site complete with slick galleries and a home page video.

They have been very impressed with the website that's taking them into the next phase of business growth. Thankfully Titan is also impressed - it's always good to be on the right side of 7ft 9 inches of steel.


Rusty Monkey are professional, approachable, affordable, reliable, flexible and fun. We have a website to really be proud of!

 Mark Woods 
Managing Director, Titan the Robot.

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