The story of how we used branding to transform this vets practice.

The client

A veterinary practice in need of a makeover.

West Blacktown Veterinary Clinic are based in Sydney, Australia. They reached out to us asking for help designing a new logo. We delved a little deeper.

The brief

To take a tired brand and give it a new lease of life.

Although West Blacktown originally asked us to design a new logo, we quickly realised that what they needed was a full rebrand. When we took a look at some of their other touchpoints, we realised we could help their business in ways they hadn’t considered.

What we created

A dramatic before and after transformation.

The original brand was full of confusion, with mismatched fonts, cluttered presentation and an old-fashioned logo. We unified the typography, introduced loads of lovely white space, developed a clean new logo and collated some inspiring imagery.

Before: Their assets lacked clear visual hierarchy, with typography and images competing in a cluttered space.

After: We looked at typography, imagery and negative space to make information easier to absorb and less overwhelming.

Before: The dingy interior was depressing, uninspiring and lacking professionalism.

After: The interior has been radically renovated using a new colour palette to create a space that’s clean, fresh and calming.

Before: There was no consistency across their touchpoints, with different layouts, fonts and colours used on different assets.

After: Less is more when it comes to signage. Don’t try to pack too much into one space - let your brand do the talking for you.

Before: Yet more fonts and another old logo featured on this faded roadside banner.

After: The new roadside banner is crisp and clear, with a simple call to action and a really professional finish.

The result

A new brand that’s the dog’s bollocks.

Rebranding can make a massive difference to how your customers feel about bringing their pets in to see you. By introducing the new brand elements across their practice, West Blacktown were able to completely transform their veterinary business. They went from looking like a tired, run-down practice to growing into a modern, stylish and clean clinic that’s just hired three new vets.

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