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We regularly work with clients who come to us because their existing website is not performing well and is in need of a makeover. Romida are an established, well-respected name in cricket circles. Their website was an old, broken Magento store with 1,000s of products and zero online sales.

The challenge was to get it up and running with a complete overhaul with just 10 weeks lead time. Game on!

We had to ensure the website migration was as efficient as possible to minimise general downtime and get the online store working again. Romida had to be able to trade online during their busiest time of year.

We decided on a completely new, clean design running the latest version of Magento to create a great looking and robust site with a straightforward product import system - done via spreadsheet which has been a huge time saver given the scale of the catalogue and the regularity of updates. One of the most important development decisions we made was to make these products filterable. These make the site much more searchable resulting in a better user experience. The system is similar to that used by the likes of Argos and Amazon. After a comprehensive SEO overhaul the website was ready for the launch.


Some months (and now, years) later and traffic has surpassed expected levels of volume and quality. Ongoing website monitoring and enhanced tracking has ensured conversion rates are up, cart abandonments are down and pay per click advertising is returning a favourable ROI. Detoxifying and strengthening the link-profile has further helped consolidate Romida's position. Since the initial build, we have also added responsive skins for a great user experience on phones and tablets.

MD Andy Woodard recognises the importance of ongoing maintenance and is now on a marketing retainer with us. We worked out a bespoke package for him which covers his online marketing, SEO, eCommerce support and PPC management. This ensures he gets a great value and prompt service.

We could say he has been bowled over, but that would be terrible.

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