Fresh Thinking Labs

Their philosophy is clearly having an impact as they recently approached us with their (and our) most challenging project to date - their own social media platform. This is the perfect project to showcase our skillsets. And although (naturally) apprehensive at first, we held a series of in-depth discussions so we knew exactly how to approach this and exactly how they wanted it work, what they wanted it to do, its ultimate purpose etc.

With that understanding we initially produced the 'Fresh Thinking Labs' branding along with a swish Keynote to help sell the concept, then got our teeth into the research. We found the starter software that we could build this platform on top of, made our recommendation and duly started scheduling. This is, without doubt, one of the biggest, most complicated, unique and exciting undertakings for us. Watch this space.


UK WON is a not-for-profit organisation that works closely with public and private sector enterprises, trade unions, policymakers, researchers and other stakeholders to explore the future of work and organisations and to share good practice in the workplace. Both UK WON and EUWIN (European Workplace Innovation Network) are leading advocates and facilitators of an exciting new business movement called 'workplace innovation'. This means encouraging positive change within a company's culture and structure by sharing knowledge and best practice and with the goal of improving motivation and conditions.

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