MyCrew App

We designed and built his site based on his brand and some really useful input from him (including video feedback during the site build!), then bolted the whole lot onto our existing RM technology to allow him to update his Crew and Associates pages as and when he needs to.

The result is a really stylish site that represents MyCrew very nicely. Visit the site yourself and see what you think.


It was an instant hit among its undeniably impressive client list. We realised that, as demand increased, they needed to improve planning efficiencies, particularly on the go. We implemented a bespoke members area with manageable calendar for the website and supplemented this with integrated iPhone and Android mobile applications.

The calendar shows availability and assignments and can be updated online and via the app by MyCrew and even by the crew members themselves. Everyone is communicating, everyone knows where they are supposed to be and if they are free to take work on. Organisational wins all round. Another success for Rusty Monkey!

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