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At Rusty Monkey we offer a wide range of creative services. Often a client will come to us for one service and stay for several more. Our first project for Luxfer Gas Cylinders was video production work; they were so happy with the results that they got us on board for a full range of creative and technical services. We have gone on to provide stand designs, product branding, illustrative 3d-rendered cylinders / animations for presentations and much more.

Tradeshows are an important part of any multi-national company's marketing agenda. Even more so when they serve as many industry sectors as Luxfer. They are the main staging grounds for product launches, brand fortification and networking. Working closely with the US alternative fuel team we created a layout more in line with their brand message (which at the time was "Setting the standard in cylinders worldwide'). We came up with the idea of using large monolithic plinths, an eye-catching sentiment on one side, and a TV with iPad controller on the other - this was to form the visual basis of many US shows to come and was an instant success. Dispensing with the usual walled panel approach, the new Luxfer stand was more spacious, more interesting and more inviting. The screens added a new dimension of interaction and these unique structures provided the ideal hook for curious clients.

We developed the iPad app from the ground up to display data sheets and videos - one version housed in the plinth and a standalone version for use as a roaming sales tool. We took this one step further for the European Medical exhibitions, incorporating a spreadsheet savings calculator - this is just the kind of project our nerdy development team really loves! The result was a useful resource with a simple, attractive interface.


A company's biggest marketing tool is often their website and Luxfer required one that reflected their market leading position. All the standard management systems were discussed, but none of them ticked every box. Their previous content management system did little to facilitate updating and the complex interface was gradually falling apart. We recommended a complete re-design and re-build using our own CMS (Bunch) to create a bespoke multi-lingual and multi-national website for them. We coded tailored add-ons to simplify language and region switching, a spreadsheet uploader and also tweaked our e-commerce section to serve as the product catalogue manager with sophisticated sub-branded sector functionality.

Over the years we have often been invited to collaborate on the creation of new product ranges, specifically at the naming and branding stages. This can take the form of either supplying original concepts or working on refining existing ideas using scoring sheets before any design work even begins. We are proud to have been part of two major launches - G-Stor has successfully carved its own legacy into global alternative fuel markets and, more recently, Luxfer ECLIPSETM looks set to do the same within the SCBA sector in the States and across Europe.

Luxfer employ a balanced approach to their marketing, combining digital and traditional methods. Graphic design is therefore a key resource we provide for them, everything from yearbooks to flyers, banners to panels, print ads to complex crossfolds with diecut and UV work.

We continue to provide photography and videography services as well, both of which effectively reinforce the Luxfer brand whether it be running on a show or reception screen, or gracing the front cover of a national magazine. Having a mini-studio in-house helps with the cylinder stills, and we've also shot video on site with our professional mobile set-up.

A monthly retainer agreement has secured the time to work on each project and at a much cheaper rate than standard studio time. Plus it allows us to jump on urgent projects when required and ultimately helps us manage our own resources.

Luxfer make outstanding cylinders. And Rusty Monkey make these cylinders really stand out.


Everyone here thought that the quality of the footage from Rusty Monkey was outstanding, both artistically and technically. The video they made for us is excellent. Rusty Monkey are my number one choice for video work.

Rick Lintin 

Creative Director, Luxfer Cylinders Ltd.

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