LHD Car Supermarket

The Magento site served the company well for four years - then in 2015 it was time for an update. Once again we migrated the site but this time there were tens of thousands of cars to move! A challenge accepted by the highly-skilled Rusty Monkey development team. Gigantic database? No problem.

The new LHD Car Supermarket website is a brand new in-house build - our technical team created a bespoke car importer for the mammoth task. The new specially-built site is more efficient and faster than a Magento build with an improved product filter - the likes of which internet users have come to expect from a high quality brand.


The bespoke build has also allowed us to further improve the website's SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) which essentially means it is even more Google (and human) -friendly. The site's improved user interface and overall user experience have resulted in further increases in traffic.

LHD Car Supermarket has been a client of Rusty Monkey for several years now, and we have supported the growth of this esteemed brand and their unrivalled high quality customer service. As well as the website development, we have managed the social media channels, provided on-site content and been involved with PR campaigns.

Our philosophy has always been that if our clients do well, then so do we.

Let's work together!

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