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The tapestry’s once vibrant colours had been faded with time and darkened with coal dust over hundreds of years. The complex and painstaking task produced amazing results. We were able to create a colourful and clean representation of the original, vibrant tapestry with digitally repaired parts that had been worn away. The virtual clean-up delighted the staff at Hardwick Hall and history buffs who said they’d never seen anything quite like it.


With the stunning colours back in place in the digital version, it was possible to see what this incredible work of art (40 years in the making) would have been like 450 years ago, giving people the opportunity to experience the piece in a whole new way. The best way to learn about history is to bring it to life!

Our team went to Hardwick Hall and carried out a hardware installation to ensure that the restoration video would be on permanent display for all to enjoy.

So you could say we even do time travel. Technically.

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