Evil Scarecrow Music Video


We came up with the creative concept of puppetry, loosely in the style of Gerry Anderson (Thunderbirds) - with added Evil-Scarecrow-style silliness. Once our detailed storyboard and shot list had been approved, we began the complex process of sourcing everything - specially made puppets, props, sets and locations - not forgetting the actual puppeteers!


The Shoot

The shoot happened over three days, one for each set. Thankfully we are used to employing our organisational skills - there was a large crew to manage as well as the unwieldy Evil Scarecrows themselves (we needed real hands for the close ups). Of course this involves things like catering plus health and safety considerations, risk assessments...Imagine the potential chaos of puppeteering trap doors and excited heavy metal musicians. We used lots of hazard tape.

This was all in addition to the actual technical process of course, which was no sweat for our experienced BBC trained film crew. They are well versed in all things video production including audio playback and monitoring.


Then came the fun in the edit suite. The arty Thunderbirds style required lots of research to get the colouring just right. Another tricky aspect was the 'freeze' effect towards the end of the video when the astronaut meets a sticky end.*

As famous saying goes, we love when a plan comes together. It came together so well in fact, that the video was nominated for a Golden Gods Award by Metal Hammer magazine - competing with some huge names like the band 'Body Count'.

Watch the video here

*No puppets were harmed in the making of this video.

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