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He knew he was on to a winner with his business and needed to establish his authority in the emerging electric car charging market quickly. He discovered us via word of mouth and it was clear after the initial meeting that we were all on the same proverbial page. He wanted to grow EVCS, expand the company, increase his operating reach and boost awareness as a whole. And we knew how to get him great results.

monthly traffic figures have risen fivefold since Nov '14

To begin with we performed in-depth analysis of his site and came up with a proposal for a marketing retainer outlining what needed doing and how we could help him meet its targets. In short, the EVCS site needed an SEO overhaul, as well as a refresh of their online presence. We struck fast - bringing all their social media into line, creating a consistent ToV across the board and ensuring the site itself was water-tight. This had an immediate effect....

within 6 months the site went from nowhere to page 1

Now, analytical data is fine on its own and gives an adequate indicator of market position and strength, but what you really want is hardcore conversion metrics. There are multiple integrated forms on the EVCS website from standard contact fields to more complex enquiry mechanisms. Each one is fully trackable and hooked up to clever CRM lead generation software. In addition to interest from quality organic visitors, the creation of effective, targeted Google and Facebook advertising campaigns has helped further drive a huge boost in online enquiries and conversions.

people are now spending more and more time on site

EVCS now has greater online visibility, engagement and reach. As part of the retainer we continue to monitor performance and manage the advertising campaign as well as having time put aside to schedule in any tasks, no matter how urgent, that they might need doing.

As the demand for electric cars grows, so does the need for domestic (and fleet) charging units. Chris got in at the right time and contacted us at the right time. There are now, as you'd expect, a growing proliferation of companies offering similar services. Being established makes all the difference. The company is going from strength to strength. It's the perfect marriage of industry specialist and SEO magic.

EVCS started as one engineer installing charging units across the Nottingham area -

Chris now employs multiple engineers and administrative staff

- and the work keeps coming in from across the wider Midlands area and even beyond. Their most notable client so far is Vivienne Westwood, no less!


We have 96 installs this month, I have another installer fitting - thank god and we have another member of staff starting next week - exciting times - thanks for your help!

Chris Everitt 

Managing Director, EV Charging Solutions.

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