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We have been working with Concept Smoke Screen for well over a decade now. Selling innovative security systems requires dynamic marketing and design.

Together we have created a formidable brand that has stayed strides ahead of the competition in the challenging world of B2B security marketing.

We've helped them refine their brand over this time. More recently we've gone right back to basics. A few days of Golden Circle marketing discussion and reflection in the Lake District and we had the building blocks of a new company philosophy. It was vital to get to the very root of what drives Smoke Screen, why they do what they do.

'We believe that a feeling of safety and security is a basic human right.'

From there we were able to create a new Tone of Voice for the company and feel that their message is now much more cohesive. In turn the ToV guidelines helped craft new copy for them, copy which has been used to apply for (and win!) industry awards.

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Over the years we have been their one-stop-shop providing web design and development, branding and tone of voice, graphic design, photography and videography, online marketing, SEO and PPC management.

We have developed their ongoing website iterations, always employing the latest techniques and software. The growth of their global distributor network prompted us to conceive a corporate website clone system. This allows efficient creation of foreign language versions for overseas partners, further protecting and strengthening the brand. And a simple spreadsheet-fed database template cuts down vastly on implementation time and cost.


It's always great working with forward-looking companies who don't shy away from pushing every boundary. Concept Smoke Screen are instantly recognisable and talked about at industry exhibitions - not just for the memorable demonstration booth, but the whole set up. Over the years the stand has comprised performance cars, (Very, Very Short Heist) movie stars, the ultimate retail smoke machine (The Mirage) and even three-dimensional holograms.

It's not just the company that constantly evolves, they innovate with their generators have too. Product design is an exciting and collaborative affair. Smoke Screen's technical expertise and our spatial creativity has helped bring some truly amazing fog machines to bear - the idea for The Mirage seemed crazy at first, but the resultant prototype generated a lot of interest. A few years later we worked on conceptual layouts for a new generator which formed the basis of the current Sentinel range. To see your design work brought to life in physical print is one thing, to see it as a functioning device quite another.

New products must be marketed, and that's where our video and photo services come in - standard stills and activation footage are a staple, we've also shot funny shorts and abstract animations for the more notional offerings.

Our flexible, bespoke retainer system enables us to plan major events, carry out ongoing work and still have provision for reactive unplanned work. It's important to have this flexibility when you consider that Smoke Screen and their distributors attend the world's biggest security exhibitions. These shows are the meeting ground for building relations and acquiring new clients. Take Concept Smoke Screen Brazil for example. They were attending Expo Seguridad aware that one of Brazil's national banks had been showing a great deal of interest in security fog as a solution to violent ATM attacks. They wanted to generate significant buzz and within six weeks we had gone from beer mat sketches to a full-blown Portuguese yearbook and an unforgettable stand design.

It's been a long and fruitful journey and long may it continue. We've essentially grown up together and it's been amazing to see their position cemented as market leader and watch their reach extend globally.

Watch the Very Very Short Heist Movie

Rusty Monkey have provided our company Concept Smoke Screen with expert branding, SEO, SEM and overall marketing support for close to twenty years. Friendly, knowledgeable, talented and creative. Recommended to anyone looking for a creative agency.

Matt Gilmartin
Managing Director, Concept Smoke Screen Ltd.

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