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Beautiful storybooks that help kids through difficult times.

The client

A charity that helps families stay connected.

NACCC is a Nottingham-based charity that provides a safe place for separated families to reconnect. Through their UK network of contact centres, they bring children and parents back together in a supportive environment.

The brief

Connecting with children through storytelling.

Children going through parental separation have a lot to deal with. Confusing emotions and traumatic life changes can have a huge impact on young people. We wanted to create storybooks that not only informed children of how NACCC contact centres work, but that also helped them understand their own feelings and provide reassurance and encouragement.

What we created

Stories that inform, educate and entertain.

Our brief was to create age-appropriate stories that explained in simple terms the process of meeting parents at a contact centre. Sympathetic to the needs of children going through this process, we created interactive narratives that encourage self-awareness and understanding.

Working with a child psychologist, we explored the challenges faced by children going through parental separation.

Adorable characters take the child reader through the story and help them deal with difficult feelings.

We developed diverse characters to reflect the broad spectrum of families who make use of NACCC’s services.

Interactive sections give children time to check in with their own feelings and reflect on their situation constructively.

The result

A product that can genuinely improve lives.

As part of an initiative to shift more attention to the children involved in the contact process, the storybooks will be integrated into NACCC’s website as animated digital experiences, so that all children can access them at any time during their journey.

They said...

Wow. What a difference. That’s phenomenal.

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