Avila Herbals | Branding | Web Design | Graphic design

An exciting new brand that challenges the market status quo.

The client

A therapeutic CBD brand with a difference.

Avila Herbals is a hemp farm based in Virginia, US, with a focus on producing therapeutic products to help those struggling with chronic pain, stress, anxiety - or simply those who want something to help them relax.

The brief

A brand that stands out in an industry that looks the same.

The therapeutic CBD market is saturated with nondescript branding and ubiquitous hemp leaves. We wanted to do something different, something that would set Avila Herbals apart from traditional stereotypes of hemp product users.

What we created

Bold colours and uplifting imagery.

To create a brand that felt fresh and bold, we created a vibrant colour palette and an aspirational image style, united under a beautiful new logo.

The logo is clean and crisp, and can be reproduced in all the brand colours.

The colour palette is drawn from the natural fruit flavours used in many of Avila’s products.

We chose a strong typography style that stands out on packaging designs and grab the attention.

Focusing on small touchpoints, we created an experience that Avila’s customers will remember.

The result

A brand that could change the industry.

It would be impossible to mistake Avila Herbals for any other brand in the CBD industry. For their customers, this means a remarkable experience that feels like something new and exciting is happening in an otherwise uninspiring market.

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