A user-friendly experience that could change the world.

The client

A green initiative with big ambitions.

The Nottingham Energy Partnership is a local charity whose mission is to reduce carbon emissions, improve household energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.

The brief

An interactive tool to help people save energy.

NEP came to us asking for an interactive animated feature on their website that would help homeowners and landlords save energy and money by making green-conscious decisions about their property.

What we created

Making energy efficiency easy and accessible.

The web-based widget is fun and educational. It allows users to navigate around the NEP house, learning about all the many ways they can save energy and money by making big and small changes.

The NEP house is fully interactive. Click on numerous features to discover facts about how you can make your property more efficient.

Your options are explained clearly, giving you an accurate breakdown of your projected annual savings.

The widget keeps a running tally of how much money and energy you can save each time you choose a greener upgrade.

At the end of the process, you can save a report that details all the changes you can make in your property.

The result

A solution that delivers real results.

The NEP house provides homeowners and landlords a roadmap for positive, practical change that will actually make a difference. It demystifies the science behind energy efficiency and provides actionable goals and tangible benefits.

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