A new brand for a different market.

The client

Making it simple for SMEs to protect what matters most.

A security solution that lets you rest easy, knowing that your security is active and under control. Security fog is a safe and brilliantly effective way to defend you and your business against intrusion and theft.

The brief

Reach a new audience.

Concept Smoke Screen wanted to create a sub-brand to make their expert security services accessible to SMEs.

What we created

A focus on what matters to small businesses.

We created a new voice for the SME audience, to differentiate from the main Smoke Screen brand.

We created animations to guide the audience through the process.

We developed a new a website optimised to target SMEs.

We wrote copy and developed promo literature to communicate the concept.

We used elements of Smoke Screen's branding to ensure synergy between the two businesses.

The result

Speaking to a new audience with an engaging brand.

The Obsecur brand will enable Smoke Screen to help a wider range of businesses with their security products, and provides opportunities for them to experiment with different kinds of marketing for this distinct offering.

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