Oco Foundation | Branding

A brand identity that defies gender inequality.

The client

Setting out to even the odds.

Despite huge advances in gender equality in recent decades, the world of work (particularly in STEM industries) is still heavily weighted towards men. Oco seeks to change that by supporting women in finding a beneficial work/life balance.

The brief

We don’t need empowerment. We are already powerful.

In creating this brand, it was vital that we avoided stereotypical ideas, such as gender-specific colours and images of female passivity. Crucially, we needed to position Oco as a foundation that doesn’t seek to ‘empower women’ but that celebrates and unleashes the power women already have.

What we created

Fierce, strong, ambitious.

We created a brand identity that represents the resilience, ambition and drive of modern working women, and celebrates their strength.

We developed a stylescape to tell the visual story of the Oco brand.

We assembled imagery that avoids weak and generic stereotypes.

We chose a colour palette that challenges gender-typical colour ideas.

We developed brand guidelines to create a unified vision.

The result

A brand to take us forward.

The Oco Foundation is a new charity which is just beginning on its journey. Its brand is a vital foundation from which to build an organisation that enacts change and brings opportunities for all women in the future.

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