Which was your favourite, Maki Maki or Bandar Biyar? We were about 50/50 here at Rusty Monkey. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

We wanted to give you something special this xmas, so we thought about what you might like. We love beer, and we reckon you love beer too - so we figured what better way to celebrate our mutual love of beer than making our own. So we teamed up with our friends over at Zero Six Brew Co to make a special Rusty Monkey beer just for you.

Label design by Iulia and Zoe. Photography by Emma and Zoe. Video by Chris. Do you need creative services like this?

Zero Six is a nano brewery based in Leicestershire that specialises in unique ales with banging flavours. Known for mixing up flavours and memes, they test everything through their brew crew to ensure their beers are loved. Make sure you taste test the rest of their catalogue and check out their frankly bonkers video channel.

Maki Maki is a gorgeous New Zealand pale ale, weighing in at 5.3% abv with a light but malty body. The problem is how drinkable this becomes.

Bandar Biyar is a single hopped 4.5% pale ale bursting with tropical mango aroma, citrus tones throughout and a pine finish.

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