e-Commerce that works.

Who and where is your audience? How do you take them from a potential buyer to a happy returning customer? We strongly believe in developing a clear strategy from the beginning of an e-Commerce build to ensure that we give you the tools necessary to make your online business a thriving success.

We start with some analysis and market research, build an engaging and communicative online store and we even advise on conversion improvements. Our goal is to help you grow your online store and make it achieve maximum potential.

Want to keep it simple? We can do that too.

People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it.

- Simon Sinek -

What are the options?

It's easier than you might think to set up an e-Commerce website. We will offer expert advice on the right system for you, then configure it to meet your needs. We handle everything from design to content to payment provider integration. As a team of creatives and developers we have worked with a variety of industry leading open source and bespoke commerce systems and even written complex integrations. In general though you'll probably fit into one of three models.

rms 3 ecommerce


Our own platform, developed by us. It's great for something very simple or very complex.

from £2995

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rms 3 ecommerce


Built on the popular WordPress platform. Great, adaptable and light e-Commerce system

from £4500

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rms 3 ecommerce


The tank of the e-Commerce world. Robust, secure and capable of amazing things.

from £5000

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Payment integration

We can integrate your e-Commerce store with any of the popular payment providers including PayPal, SagePay, Google Checkout, RBS WorldPay, Barclaycard, HSBC and many more. We can work with API or CPI integration and even help with your PCI compliance.

Security and updates

All of our platforms and hosting packages ensure that your site is secure and payment processes are as safe as possible. An optional support contract with us means that we can keep your technology up to date and secure at all times.

Mobile first

All of our sites are responsive and we design and build for (best practice) mobile first. This ensures the best experience and SEO architecture and gives you the confidence that your customers will have a seamless and amazing purchasing experience.

Feature rich

Industry leading technology means that your store will give you the power to create amazing promotional campaigns, manage your stock and products, fulfil your orders, analyse your sales. We can even set up multiple store fronts and languages.

What is the process of building an e-Commerce site?

  1. Consultation and strategy

    An initial meeting for us to understand the objectives and aims of your online business. We'll chat through your goals, your customers, your products and work through some technical aspects of the brief. This will give us the information we need to carry out the initial market research and ensure we're working toward the correct platform.

  2. Market research

    Keyword analysis, demographics mapping, PPC opportunity research. In simplistic terms we determine who you should be targeting and the best means of doing so. We use this data to help build the structure of your site in the best was possible to maximise sales and reach.

  3. Design and layout

    We'll work with you to find the sites and functionality that work well within (and outside) your industry. We'll review your branding together and discuss the optimum layout options and style. We can even sketch things out together on our blackboard wall.

  4. Visual wireframes and feedback

    We'll present you with a visual representation of the how site will look and work. We'll talk you through the user experience (UX) and explain the design decisions. This can be reviewed together and tweaked before we begin the build. We want you to be 100% happy with the look and feel.

  5. The build

    We set up the platform and install themes and plug-ins and begin customisation. We'll also start working on the site structure (inline with the SEO plan), begin any bespoke development and customise the site based on the digital wireframes.

  6. The 'Alpha' version

    Once we have everything structurally in place and looking beautiful it's time for us to work together populating the site's content and product catalogues. It will also give us a chance to review the site together and provide any feedback on the UX or functionality.

  7. The 'Beta' version

    Once we're happy with everything we'll have a final review together and a sense check. This is where we can stress test the user journey and iron out any final design or development issues.

  8. Onsite SEO

    Once we have a thumbs up on the beta the final site will be reviewed against our SEO objectives and we'll work through the pages to make sure that we have at least an A rating (from moz.com) for each targeted page. We'll also work through to make sure that site is optimised for page speed and other SEO considerations.

  9. w3c, browser testing and pre-flight checks

    We pride ourselves on producing the best, cleanest code. So we always aim to make sure that our final sites pass w3c tests. It's also at this point that we test across all of the popular browsers and mobile platforms and perform our standard pre-flight checks.

  10. Set live!

    We can handle all of your domain and hosting requirements. So, once our final checks are complete, we will get your brand new site launched and hosted.

  11. Aftercare, support and analysis

    Once your site is live we are here for you. We'll provide 30 days of support free and provide great packages to provide ongoing support. Most of our e-Commerce clients opt for an online marketing retainer for us to help them get the best ROI from their online store.

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