Database building and management

Data is big business. Let us take the pressure off and manage that data for you, cleanly and securely.

A reliable and secure database is essential to every application and therefore serves as a backbone for businesses & organisations. With this in mind, continuous and professional support is vital to ensure no interruption to your services.

Data consistencies

Your data needs change over the growth of your company. Previous solutions using spreadsheets become outdated, inaccurate and cumbersome. Let us use our knowledge and expertise to transform your old data into a reliable system that can save time and increase efficiency in your company.

Data management

We can help take your data and import, cleanse, de-duplicate and streamline your information. Often many existing databases can contain redundancies which can be removed to speed up systems and improve accuracy. We have dealt with data set sizes from a couple of hundred to multi-million.

Data applications.

Along with our other services, we can combine our database knowledge and integrate with other technology. Let us build systems to allow you to find trends, patterns and associations which can highlight areas to improve, maximise profit or avoid damaging pitfalls.

Data security

Information security is at the top of our agenda. We make sure that all our systems are safe from malicious threats and attacks, so you can be safe in the knowledge that sensitive information won’t be accessed. Centralised database systems allow your employees access whilst reducing the chance of accidental loss of data.

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