Working with CRMs

Customer relationship management (CRM) can be defined as the processes you use to collect, analyse and handle interactions with your customers across all business channels. It's also key for tracking and following-up on opportunities. Alongside improving relations, retaining clients and driving sales, you'll also get the benefit of more targeted sales and marketing automation and workflow efficiencies. It's possible to automate repetitive tasks, avoid duplication, track all contact, carry out geolocated re-marketing, assist with A/B testing and improve abandonment and drop-off.

The customer experience is like a journey, and we can empower you with the tools to make it as comfortable as possible.

Saas or hosted?

Many CRM's are now provided as SAAS (Software as a service) which means they are held by the creators of the system. This allows for a stable system, but often can be inflexible. If you need something a very different or just want to make sure your data is only accessible by you, a hosted solution might be better. We can advise on what is the best course of action.

Where to start?

The most important phase of a CRM's life is the conception of the system. What is the end goal of the system? What information is important? We can help you scope out the needs and requirements of your CRM and make sure that it ticks all the right boxes.


While many people will be happy with an out the box implementation, at times different needs must be prioritised. We can style the system so it fits your work and your ethic or highlights the importance of different sections. Or maybe you have a specific need which can only be fulfilled by extending the system. We can help with installing plugins or writing bespoke ones to fit your needs.


A CRM is only as good as the data inside it, and often the data needs to come from a different source. If you have an online shop, an older CRM or any other store of data we can help to integrate the two together. We are well versed in using ready made solutions, API's or even writing our own software bridges. If you need to have your data sync'd infrequently or if you need it up-to-date in a split second, we can make sure this happens.

Centralised data

Data should be at the core of your sales strategy. In this age of Big Data accuracy is crucial, old data is no good to anyone, it can be embarrassing, even damaging. A CRM system will make sure your data is current. It will also make it easier for the user by creating a single access point, as well as minimising training requirements. In turn this facilitates user buy-in which is crucial to successful implementation. A CRM's usefulness is not just restricted to your sales and marketing teams either, customer service and support departments will find it invaluable as well.


Timely and relevant interaction will get you well on the way to success. The alternative, poor or no engagement at all, doesn't bear consideration. Use a CRM to minimise the potential of any gaps appearing in both your internal and external communications and build a consistent message across all channels. Most of your customers are tech savvy and mis-messaging can make for a less than fruitful experience. Their loyalty will waiver if you overdo it though, or appear too intrusive, so have a detailed strategy in place. Responsive customer service means a happy customer, who is likely to recommend you to their friends and family ... and that's the kind of marketing you can't buy.


Now that all departments are on the same page, and the clients position in the cycle is clearly visible, you can look to scheduling communications. For instance: don't let all those leads you got at the exhibition go cold - you paid for the scanners after all!

Automated emails can be anything from opportunistic introductions to re-marketing offers to chasing invoices. Sending regular, relevant information is a great way of keeping contacts up to date and more importantly keeps you fresh in their minds. Smaller teams may prefer a more manual approach, particularly if you're looking after specific accounts. No need to lose that personal touch, just use the CRM to automatically remind your sales staff to make contact.


Having all your communications centralised and accessible from a single source will allow your marketing and sales team to analyse the data for more meaningful geodemographic insights and therefore create more targeted and contextual campaign strategies. This data is also key to measuring ROI which can be tricky at the best of times. An in-built lead scoring system allows you to rank your contacts based on their activity, engagement, habits and location. The can then be used to establish engagement strategies depending on how hot and cold they are.

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