An app designed to fit your needs

You know you need an app, but you're not sure what you want it to do, or what return will it bring you? Give us a call and we'll discuss the options and benefits.

We will work closely with you to deliver the best app - whether it be a basic website migration or something more complex like beacons or augmented reality. We know what works (and what doesn't) and place user experience and interface at the forefront of our app developments. We thrive on achieving the seemingly impossible.

Below are some examples of apps we have already published. We've created animated cartoon stories, booking calendars, sales calculators, tour guides and band apps - for both IOS and Android. Check out our portfolio section for more.

Hybrid or Native

We can build both native apps for superb performance or hybrid apps for cost-centred solutions to reach the most amount of people. Whichever route you want to take we can advise the best course of action.

New Technologies

The prevalence of powerful mobile devices has led to new exciting opportunities for marketing, advertising and ecommerce. Whether it's an interactive selling experience, localised marketing with beacons or wearable devices, we can help!

Which Software?

Whether you know which software you want to use or need some advice, we can help. We have experience ranging from Unity to building apps directly with platform SDKs - whatever your requirements we can find the best solution for your app.

Web and Mobile

We can build the app to ensure your next great venture will run on both your pocket powerhouse and your desktop workstation. We will make sure your clients get the best of all worlds by helping you realise your vision.

Our app options

We can provide you with simple corporate web apps, brochure-style rich content apps, custom-built interactive tools and even gamification solutions.

Tour guide app design for Hardwick Hall (National Trust)

Guided tours

Tour guide apps really enhance your visitors' experience and help them plan their experience in advance. They can even act as a teaser advert for you. Think maps, videos, beacons / notifications and augmented reality. Fancy stuff.

app design for lhd car supermarket

Interactive brochures

Printed brochures have their place (your car boot most likely!) Let us translate it to your tablet, and your customer's. Handy for exhibitions too, don't just loop videos from your laptop, have interactive information screens instead.

Luxfer Gas Cylinders savings calculator

Business solutions and sales tools

Arm your sales team with handheld digital data sheets, cost calculators and videos. Be the tech guru and use it to stream and control your presentations.

animation app design

Story telling, education and gamification

Use your tablet as a teaching aid by applying that age-old adage 'make learning fun!' And regardless of subject matter, surely everyone loves a little gaming fix, even your nan.

App Development Case Studies

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