You want photography.


Because you want to visualise your brand. You want to promote your latest products. You need on-brand content for your online and print material. You are fed up of using generic stock images to visualise your unique brand. You want to create a visionary campaign. You want an archive of photographs to share with your loyal online followers. You want to share your story.

How can we help?

Maybe you're a budding photographer looking for the perfect space to bring your dream project to life. Maybe you’ve never set foot in a studio before and require photographic services that go beyond hiring equipment. Or maybe you need a photographer for that off-site corporate event you've been planning all year.

Whatever your needs, we have got your back. We have the space, expertise, equipment, transport and passion to capture those perfect moments that will shape your brand identity.

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What will it cost?

Our prices vary depending on what package you would like, and we will provide a full breakdown in advance.

Package 1
Full day photography studio hire (with equipment)

From £400 +VAT

Package 2
Lighting Technician and full day studio hire (with equipment)

From £600 +VAT

Package 3
Photographer, image processing and full day studio hire (with equipment)

From £850 +VAT

Package 4
Art Director, Photographer, image processing and full day studio hire (with equipment)

From £1350 +VAT

These are just guidelines – whatever your budget, we can tailor a solution to suit your needs. Let’s talk about cost.

Photography is the story I fail to put into words.

- Destin Sparks -

Photography production

How does it work?

We’ve broken down the six main key elements of photography production so that you can understand them clearly. Rusty Monkey can help you with any or all of these elements – just let us know what you need.

Development | Pre-production | Studio and equipment hire | Principal photography | Post-production | Distribution

photography shoot production nottingham

photography studio hire nottingham


Not sure where to start? The best campaigns seem effortless but in truth are fine-tuned and carefully thought out. We can help you visualise your story, and ensure it is on-brand to generate interest amongst your audience.

To plan your photoshoot right, you need to consider the following:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What is your message?
  • What type of photography do you need?
  • Are you product or lifestyle driven?
  • Do you need to book production services ahead of the the shoot?
  • How many images do you require?
  • Where will the images appear?
  • When will the images appear?

We have a team of brilliant creatives standing by to help create your vision. Understanding your needs is central to this, so your answers to the questions above will guide us in every creative decision we make.

Let’s talk about your vision.


Co-ordinating a photoshoot can be hard work! There is a lot to think about, from professionally finished make-up to the perfect casting for your shoot.

Do you want your campaign to feature people using your product? If so, you may need professional models. Or do you want to feature actual customers, end-users, or staff members in the campaign? We can help find and direct the people in your campaign to result in a set of authentic images.

Whatever your pre-production requirements, let Rusty Monkey offer a hand with our list of industry contacts who specialise in these areas.

Let’s talk about pre-production.

photoshoot pre production

high-end photographic and film studio

Photography Studio and equipment hire

We offer a state-of-the-art photographic and film studio, based at our offices in Nottingham, a short walk from the city centre. The studio is equipped with an infinity wall, black wall, continuous lighting and other equipment.

We will happily source any equipment you need but do not own in house.

Let’s talk about studio and equipment hire.


You’ve got some cracking images on camera, but what’s next? The story doesn’t end when the studio lights turn off. Now you need to take your raw images and turn them into something inspiring.

We will help make sure your finished project tells the story you want it to tell. We’ll draw on your original vision to ensure a clear, coherent message, and we’ll use state-of-the-art editing software to get the best results.

Let’s talk about post-production.

professional photo editing

professional photo distribution and print media


You have an amazing set of images. But what do you want to do with them? Do you want to publish them on your website? Share them on social media? Or use in print material?

Our commitment to you doesn’t end when we hand your finished photographs over. We will use our extensive marketing experience to advise you on where best to place your images, how to reach the biggest audience, how to target your audience, and how best to get your message across.

We can guide you through the process of promoting and optimising your photographic project in order to generate real results for you. Our understanding of marketing and analytics will provide you with a solid foundation from which to launch campaigns, share, promote and get the most from your images.

Let’s talk about distribution.

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