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Our design team is highly trained, incredibly creative and only too pleased to work on any project. Our philosophy is to give you something special and cutting edge.

Rusty Monkey's roots were in graphic design and branding and we pride ourselves on our creativity. We've designed almost everything from magazines and posters to yearbooks, vehicle livery to corporate literature, event stands, beermats, tea towels and even album artwork.

We understand print and we're here to help you get your message and your visual communication working for you.

What is the graphic design process?

We are always available to help you on the way to realising your ideas. The first step is a chat. Then we'll arrange a meet (online or in person) and create a brief. Using this brief we will then come up with a proof of concept using the latest industry standard software - Adobe Creative Cloud suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign). We then allow for a set of amends prior to approval before supplying you the final print ready files. All performed to exacting standards.

Many of our graphic designers come from pre-press backgrounds so we are more than happy to deal with printers for you. We'll ensure you get best value and can help you with specification and samples as well. Or if it's something you're interested in doing yourself, we can help set you off on the right track.

Our studio rates start at £80+VAT/hour, or we can happily provide a specific quotation if you have a particular job in mind.

What can we design for you?

Ad designs - if you are planning an advertising campaign, we will supply you with the designs - whether it be for print, digital or social/ppc. We can also manage these campaigns for you.

E-letters - similar to their printed cousins, only digital. We can design templates for your email campaigns and even set you up and train you in using your preferred online mailing service (such as Mailchimp).

Packaging - easy recognition is something we strive for when designing packaging too. And as with a lot of design work we like to emphasise simplicity, clarity and practicality.

Logos - an important part of the branding process is logo design and is one of your strongest assets, forming the visual embodiment of your identity - we have extensive experience in branding and have created a variety of easily recognisable (and nowadays responsive) icons for our clients.

Brochures - print is most definitely not dead. We still see plenty of demand for brochures, they remain one of the most cost-effective and tactile sales and marketing tools available. Make sure you have a digital version as well (online on your website and offline on your app) for when you inevitably leave the brochures in your car.

Presentations - despite there being absolutely zero requirement for producing OHP acetates nowadays, Powerpoint and Keynote continue their march as the go-to presentation medium. We can work on presentations from scratch or tweak existing files for you and help get them to a corporate showcase standard.

Stationery - always the very first thing a company needs a) when it is starting out and b) when you've just re-branded - business cards, letterheads, email signatures, compliment slips, envelopes, folders, desk pads and sales paperwork such as invoices. We have a lot of experience in designing these fundamental corporate pieces and find it immensely satisfying seeing you kitted out with good looking, consistent print work.

Postcards and mailers - print marketing forms part of any successful marketing strategy. These handy size flyers are perfect for handing out at trade shows, displaying front of house and form a vital part of your sales team's arsenal. Our goal in all this is to make your message stand out in a sea of junk, to which we've all become increasingly hardened, and prevent it being recycled before its time.

branding for any occasion

Any occasion

Exhibitions - trade shows are a key part of our clients' marketing strategies and we have extensive experience in designing exhibition stands, pop-up banners, giveaways and even giant inflatables. We can also provide content for your display screens, whether it be stills, animation or video. There's so much to think about when organising a stand, let us take away some of that load.

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no limits

No limits

Signage - we can design your external and internal signage to accurately reflect your company's personality and value propositions. And it's not just about ornamenting your office, we can look at branding your vehicles as well. The fleet livery we created and sourced for one particular client led directly to an increase in enquiries just from people seeing their vans driving around town, so we know it works!

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banner design


Advertising - One of our biggest design and marketing successes came with a project we undertook for Interflora. We designed a series of incredibly successful Flash banners (back in the day) advertising Interflora products during the run up to Valentine's Day. These were placed strategically around the web and helped increase sales for that given period by a whopping 613% on the previous year, with the same marketing budget allocation. Contact us if you think you'd be interested in a similar boost to your sales!

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