Whether you are looking for an explainer video to effectively promote your product or service, a simple logo animation or complex character animation we have all the skills in-house to professionally create your vision.

We have experts in Lightwave 3d, After Effects, Motion and a host of other suites to produce everything from script writing and storyboards through to final video edits, voiceover and soundtracks.

meet and discuss

Meet and discuss

Before we start the project it is important to understand the objectives of the animation or video work. Our initial discussion (which can be face to face, over the phone or even email) will help cement the style and purpose of the project. We'll do some research together to determine the direction of the piece and how it will synergise with your brand.

We can even look at creating some animation brand guidelines to compliment your existing corporate identity documents, creating your own 'Tone of Voice' for moving visual media.

animation script writing

Script writing and shoot list

  • Scripts
  • Treatments
  • Shoot lists

Effective animation starts with a well written, concise script. We can adapt a draft supplied by the client or work together on a completely new one. Alongside any voiceover scripts we'll also draft the first treatment of a shoot list which will direct our creative team in creating the concept artwork and storyboard.

animation nottingham

Storyboard and artwork

  • Creative artwork
  • Illustrated storyboards
  • Creative notes

Before we get into the animation suites we like to make sure that we have clear illustrated storyboards and direction. We'll create unique original assets or work with chosen library assets to present a noted timeline. This gives our clients a great idea of how the final piece will look stylistically and how it will flow together.

rough cut animation

Rough cut animation

  • Internal critiques
  • Reviews
  • Feedback

The first draft animation is our primary discussion point for review. We'll send over a hi-definition secure video file along with any notes and comments from our internal critiques. It gives us all an opportunity to feedback on the piece as a whole before we get the final voiceover recorded or audio tracks purchased.

audio and voice over

Audio and voiceover

  • Custom soundtracks
  • Professional VO
  • Mixing and mastering

Choosing the right soundtrack, voiceover artist and sound effects can make or break your video. We have voice actors and even musicians in-house for a complete custom project and have access to some great voiceover artists, TV personalities and libraries of royalty free music and sound effects.

final cit and delivery

Final cut and delivery

  • Digital delivery
  • Formatting
  • Video marketing

We'll not only deliver your final piece in whatever format you need, we also have a good understanding of broadcast video and working with specific broadcaster technical specifications. Not only that, depending on the final 'destination' of your animation we can also help you market your new video online.

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