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Writing something out of nothing is no simple task, and it can be easy to get daunted and dry up, or lose focus and waffle. But copy is important. Great copy can be used on your website, in your brochures, as scripts for your videos, as posts on your social media channels. Even in this age of high-tech marketing, simple words on a page can change everything.

Step one. Write for your audience. It’s vital to use language your audience will understand and engage with. Think about how your audience communicates and mimic that. Think about their typical age, gender, education and political position. All these factors will influence the language you use.

Step two. Settle on a tone of voice. This should complement your brand and relate to your audience. You can use language to conform or to stand out. It’s up to you.

Step three. Edit the shit out of it. Your audience are busy people. They need quick answers. They don’t have time to read through loads of copy. That’s why it’s important to edit your copy ruthlessly. Cut out all unnecessary words. Don’t repeat yourself. Keep it short and simple.

You probably don’t have time to do all this, but we do. We can help you to produce engaging, interesting copy that represents you and connects with your audience. Oh, and we can use our knowledge of SEO to make sure your message reaches the right people online.

Stand by for Mel's top copy tips

Don’t try to appeal to everyone, or you will end up appealing to no one.

Don’t be afraid to communicate some personality.

You can vary your TONE but speak with the same VOICE.

Write copy that makes you instantly recognisable.

Whoever you are, be authentic.

A great case study Bunch2


Beautiful storybooks that help kids through difficult times.

Children going through parental separation have a lot to deal with. Confusing emotions and traumatic life changes can have a huge impact on young people. We wanted to create storybooks that not only informed children of how NACCC contact centres work, but that also helped them understand their own feelings and provide reassurance and encouragement.

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Don’t know your semicolon from your en-dash?

An editorial process is vital for producing great copy. Not only will a good editor eliminate embarrassing typos, they will help ensure your content is on-message, delivered in the right tone, easy to understand, and clear and concise.

When you’re very close to something you’ve been writing for a while, it can be easy to miss these important things. We always recommend giving your writing to someone else to read - and if they happen to be a professional editor, that’s even better.

We love words and all the nerdy details you need to know to get them right. If you have some copy you think needs a good going over, we can help you get everything spot on.

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