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Customised brand workshops

No time for new ideas?

Running a business or leading a marketing department can bring a lot of challenges. How much time do you have to develop your brand into something extraordinary? Probably not much.

How about one day?

One day spent in a creative brand workshop can help you develop ideas, troubleshoot problems and set actionable, achievable goals.

Sometimes getting an outside perspective can make all the difference. We’ll guide you through our brand process to give you practical ways to drive your business forward. Let’s put our heads together and achieve something magnificent.

How about one day with our top branding experts?

Focused or custom creative workshops.

From only £2,500

'Friendly, welcoming, informative and interactive.'

'I felt inspired.'

'Very eye opening.'

Why a workshop? Bunch2

Starting a brand

Are you launching a new brand or business?

You’re here because you understand the importance and influence a great brand can have, but how much should you invest? Where do you start?

A great approach is to understand the overall value of your project. Are you looking at a global platform that will turnover £millions or is this going to be a smaller enterprise? Whatever the value of your overall project, we recommend dedicating 10% of that figure to your new brand strategy.

The second step is to get your goals in place and pick a great partner (could that be us?). We’d also recommend a small discovery project with them to make sure they are a great fit. Your agency could turn into your long-term marketing partner.

Can you draw your own logo?

Chris is one of our branding experts.

Mel can help you with brand communication.

A great case study Bunch2

Avila Herbals - Branding | Web Design | Graphic design

An exciting new brand that challenges the market status quo.

The therapeutic CBD market is saturated with nondescript branding and ubiquitous hemp leaves. We wanted to do something different, something that would set Avila Herbals apart from traditional stereotypes of hemp product users.


Does your brand fail to represent you? Is it time to rebrand?

Your brand is so much more than your visual assets. Your logo might look tired and old fashioned, your images could be out of date and your messages off point. These can be easy to spot.

But what about your product or service? What about your internal culture? What do your customers think of you? Do you have the right type of customer? Are your staff or team happy and enthused? Are you? What the heck are you even doing?

If you’re looking to update your brand, then asking the right questions can have a huge impact on how well that new brand communicates, engages and works.

Whether your existing brand is well-established or relatively young, you’ll be undertaking a great step in creative destruction. The first step is to ask the question: why rebrand? Let’s get some real insight into the problems you have.

Brand development

We want to flip your world upside-down

Like most companies, you’ve probably got a logo. You may have some style guidelines that help you make things consistent.

This stuff is great, but it’s not your brand. A great brand focuses on its audience first. Your logo can’t make your brand successful. But your audience can.

If you’re feeling like your brand isn’t working for you, this might be the problem.

When developing your brand, try to set your existing visuals aside and look at your values, your audience and your communication first. Focus on defining the audience you want (this might be different from the audience you have) and how best to connect with them by communicating the values you share with them.

From there, we’ll ensure you have all the awesome visual elements you need to bring it together and make it consistent.

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