Keeping it short and sweet


Ho ho ho, Monkey fans! We’re serving wintery vibes in today’s vlog, where Matt and Chris are keeping things short and sweet.

We’re breaking up for the festive holidays, so this will be our last vlog until the new year. We hope you’ve enjoyed this series and found some value that’s helped make your business happier and more successful. Merry Christmas!

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Happy viewing!


Chris: Ooh, crikey. Hello!

Matt: Hi, I’m Matt.

Chris: I’m Chris, and it’s another Monkey Monday.

Matt: What are we talking about today, Chris?

Chris: We’re talking about keeping it short and sweet.

Matt: Yes, so very often when people look at their marketing, you can ramble on and ramble on and ramble on. But the best marketing is short marketing. We have a good example.

Chris: Yep. Steve Jobs, when he did any Keynote speech, he kept the slides down to a maximum of around 9 words. And if you look at your Keynote speeches, or Powerpoint presentations, how many words have you got on each slide?

Matt: Yeah, or even your poster, even your home page. Whatever it might be. How succinct is your marketing?

Chris: And that is a good point. So it’s easy to remember things that are very short. So…

Matt: We hope you remember this, as we’ve kept it very short. Let’s get outta here.

Chris: Bye!


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