Automation versus personalisation

Optimising your communication: automation versus personalisation


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Happy Monday people, and welcome to this week’s Monkey Monday vlog. Today Matt and Chris are talking about the virtues of automation versus personalisation.

Automating your communication and sales process can free up a lot of time, but adding that personal touch can improve your customers’ experience and convince them to buy. Deciding when is the best time to use automation versus personalisation is key when strategising your communication and processes.

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Matt: Ooh, some robot dancing!

Chris: I am automatic.

Matt: Oh right. Err, hi! I’m personable.

Chris: Hello, I’m Chris.

Matt: That was totally unrehearsed. I’m Matt, and this is another Monkey Monday from Rusty Monkey Monday Monday. It’s going well so far.

Chris: It is! Because we’re talking about automation versus...

Matt: Personalisation.

Chris: Yeah.

Matt: So, I dunno, I guess if you’ve seen some of our vlogs, you may have heard us go, ‘Hey, it’s really important to make sure that you are authentic and write personal messages to people and that’s how you can really connect with your audience and sell’. And at the same time we would say things like...

Chris: ‘Automate everything!’

Matt: Which is not very personal. So where do you sort of be personal and where do you lean on automation? Well we would say that like a quick rule of thumb would be, use automation to free up your time so you can be more personalised in some of your sales or your marketing or your approach. And also, it has to probably be related to the value of what you’re trying to do. So there’s a good example of - again, something that we were exposed to recently, somebody bought a car from Tesla, and once they did the test drive, they came back and got sent a load of stuff about not only the exact car that they’d driven, but also the person who took them on that test drive. Remembered loads of personal information about him and asked about his wife’s broken arm or something like that.

Chris: Ah, phew! I thought they were gonna ask more personal questions there but that’s good.

Matt: So he was really connecting with him and trying to be friendly and all that sort of stuff, and that really worked. They bought the car and I think they probably remained friends - who knows?

But there’s value in that sale. There’s a reasonable amount of money. You wouldn’t really wanna do that if you’re selling, I don’t know, baseball hats online - you can’t have that connection personally with absolutely everybody who’s gonna buy those hats, the economics doesn’t sit well with that. So it’s important to find out which battles you want to fight, and when and where to use that top level of personalisation where you’re having a chat, having a conversation, trying to connect with somebody. And just really chasing people with automation or doing what you can. So we would say use automation to buy your time for the bigger wins. But it depends on your company.

Chris: Yep. So there are some chat bots, for example, that can connect you to real people, and you can have that personal chat with people, but it will filter you out by asking a series of questions before you get to that person. And that really helps. So you have that personality chat.

Matt: Yeah, so that’s a good example of combining automation and personalisation, because that automation might filter out a load of rubbish to begin with, and then you can take that really valuable part of the conversation over.

So have a look at how you communicate with your customers, whereabouts they are in that customer journey, and when and where you want to try and automate things to make your life easy, and personalise things to make your customer service exceptional and remarkable.

Chris: That is a good note to finish on.

Matt: Isn’t it just.

Chris: It is.

Matt: And we’ll be back next week with some more rambly nonsense.

Chris: Pointing at me?

Matt: Ramblebot over here. Thanks very much! I’ve been Matt, he’s been Chrisbot. We’re done.

Chris: Goodbye.


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