Monkey Monday - December 13th, 2020

Working remotely? Google Jamboard might make things easier.

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In today’s Monkey Monday, Matt and Chris are chatting about Google Jamboard and how technology like this has helped our team come together while we work remotely.

Have you discovered any technologies that have helped you continue functioning during lockdown? We’d love to hear about your finds!

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Would you like some toast?
I'd love some toast. Yes, please.
Uh, would you like some jam on that?
I would love some jam on it. Thanks.
Would you like that delivered on a board?
No, I'd like a plate.
And some tea.
Well, yeah, I tried my best. We're talking about Jamboards.
Or similar technology.
Yes. Hi, I'm Matt.
I'm Chris. And this is another Monkey Monday.
Uh, we're just riffing one again, aren't we?
Cause um, planning stuff is for wimps.
Well, we we've been running remotely obviously due to the last year or whatever it is now - feels like 10 years - so we've been, um, trying to help our team work well together during these uncertain times. And we've found that, uh, using these things called Jamboards has really helped our meetings and made people work together really easily.
Yeah. There's loads of other bits of software out there as well we've been using, but we just thought we'd focus on this one because we just liked the format of it. Um, there's other stuff out there, I think that you could find, uh, but we're specifically using Jamboards. It's a Google service. Um, when we're in the real world - we are real people - when we're in the real world, we would bring people in a room together and we would use sticky notes and we could run a workshop like that. But we found doing that online is kind of interesting. Uh, but the Jamboard platform's quite good for that. You can, you can create different boards, you can throw stickers down, you can draw rude things on there. If you want to, not that we would ever do such a thing. Um, and it lets everybody sort of collaborate in one place. And I think, you know, we've all been in those meetings and we were kind of trying to get ideas down and you know, it doesn't necessarily always record the conversation you have. And I think moving away from that, you know, the meeting itself into these, these Jamboards is a good way of collaborating, putting ideas down, uh, drawing lines between stuff. You can create initial grids - we've done it to help companies with their naming process; we've done it to help set up like a list of OKRs and how you can get a marketing campaign working to fulfill the OKRs; building little mini campaigns in there. And it's a great tool, especially if you're visual, I think, to get all this stuff down, rather than, I dunno, let's set up a spreadsheet with these things on it.
And it's really interesting because, um, when we'd run our workshops, we're obviously trying to get ideas from the entire team and we're trying to get ideas also from the quietest people from the team, because they often come up with the best ideas. And the sticky note on a board was the best way to do that. But at the end of the process, you'd go, well, how are we going to collate this? Okay. Someone needs to take a photo of this or write it in a notebook or whatever, but now using these Jamboards, it's much easier. We can have access to that, uh, Jamboard forever. And, uh, it's really good.
You can leave it with them as well, can't you? So, you know, sometimes the customers can use it as a playground to put ideas on. The other thing I found really interesting is, we do the free one-to-one one hour, um, business sessions for companies who are interested in just, you know, us maybe helping them solve a problem. And there's been quite a few instances running them where, where people said, I'm trying to do this thing. I'm trying to deliver this service, but it's really hard now. And we're like, Oh, you could use a Jamboard for that. You know, people wanting to do, present like a PowerPoint kind of thing in a certain way, but have it more interactive and we're like, well, there's this thing over here, it's the same sort of aspect ratio and you can have frames in it and you can navigate through and people can stick things on it. And, uh, it's been really interesting cause they're like, Oh my God, I didn't know this existed. And, um, it doesn't just solve stuff like we would like to do, creative workshops, I think it solves lots of other things as well. So if you're looking for a good tool to be able to, um, do something together online and record it and take notes and do things like that, I think it's really cool.
And I think one of the things that we've learned is that when you're on a Zoom chat, you get Zoom fatigue - or Google Meet fatigue, whatever - but yeah. We run meetings that are three hours long, but if you're just sat there looking at your camera for three hours, you just can't do it. So we've tended to...
Adjusting your hair and breathing in.
Yeah, exactly. I can't breathe in for that long. So it's just really nice to be able to go okay, for the next 20 minutes, let's talk about a subject and then for the next five, six minutes - you set a time limit - everyone just go away, work on this thing, find ideas, throw them onto the jam board. It could be pictures, it could be anything. And then come back afterwards and have a discussion around it. It was really - the first time we did it, it sort of changed the way we ran all meetings afterwards.
Yeah we've been using it most of the summer, haven't we? And, um, into the autumn now, since, since lockdowns. Plural. Um, so, uh, yeah, check it out. It's cool. Maybe it can help you improve the way you're having to work online at the moment. And, uh, there's loads of other stuff out there as well. What's your favorite tool? Put it in the YouTube comments.
Oh, I thought you were asking me. I was going to go, um...
Well, I was going to go hammer. But I thought it was slightly off topic...
Ah, man, we're that age now aren't we where we'd do dad jokes. Well, that's us.
We hope you found that very useful. Please list your favorite physical tools in the YouTube comments below. Is it hammer versus spanner?
Hammer wins. See you next week.
I'm in the spanner camp. Go spanner.

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