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Why is it important to support local businesses?

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No one can deny that independent business owners have a passion for what they do, and they play such an important role in supporting their local communities. We shouldn’t need endless reasons to support one another, especially those who are prepared to take on the risks and challenges that almost all independent business owners face. 

Supporting independent businesses can have huge benefits, from boosting the local economy to increased product diversity. The brilliant customer service you often get in independent shops forces chain stores to constantly improve. Independent businesses make great employers, producing jobs to support the local infrastructure. But above all, independent businesses help towns and cities retain their unique identities and prevent highstreets across the country becoming carbon copies of each other.Shop local

So why do independent businesses kick ass?

Have you ever been out exploring a new town and stumbled on a quirky independent gift shop? You are instantly intrigued by what you might find and mesmerised by all the little personal touches. Supporting local businesses helps drive up the appeal of a shopping area, build character and undoubtedly will attract tourism to the area.

Small businesses are often major contributors to the heart of a community, a hub of activity, where stores and businesses work collectively to help preserve the character of a town. Whether this is a beautiful pottery painting shop or a quirky vintage store, independent businesses provide individuality in towns in a world where big chains are so prominent. 

Before you order your next Amazon order, consider whether the same product is available nearby and go and support your local business instead. 

Our independent retailers have been shutting down due to increased shopping online. One recent study suggests that online sales account for nearly one fifth of the country's total retail sales, and our stores are struggling. Where there once was a hive of activity, there are now a plethora of sale signs and shop closures; not exactly what we want in a town centre. 

Support local businessesFollowing the lockdowns, lots of people are feeling the need to leave the home and visit places again. Whether that is going on walks around the town or finding the tools you need to start that new hobby, the highstreet is calling us once again.

So support independent businesses, shop small, shop local.

What cool small businesses are to be found in Nottingham? Head to my next blog to read about my faves.

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