Monkey Monday - November 18th, 2019

Thinking about your user's journey: Why every touchpoint matters

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Have you ever had an experience with a business that’s damaged your opinion of them? Have you been on a journey with a business that’s let you down at one crucial touchpoint? Or do you have a story you’d like to share of a company that looked after you really well the whole way along?

Today Chris is going solo to share a recent experience he had with a company that let him down on his journey to demonstrate how important it is to think about every single touchpoint along every single user journey.

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Hello… Just doing some light reading. Chris from Rusty Monkey here. As you can see I’m working solo today because I’m working remotely. And I just wanted to have a look at something that came through the post a couple of months ago, and it sort of struck a chord with me. And I want to talk about the success of branding and design within that, and the touchpoints of a customer journey.
Obviously, we’ve done vlogs about customer journeys. You’ll probably find a link somewhere. There’ll be one somewhere. Just have a look. It’ll be fine.
So, yeah, it’s a great case study of what can go well, how much thought can be put into one element of a customer journey, and what happens when that falls down in a different section, a different part of your business. So, just some things to look out for, and some tips.
I want to show you this but I’m not trying to slag off a particular company, so I’m gonna try and blur out things. I’m just trying to show - illustrate - how important these things are.
So, my wife had her birthday a few months ago, and for her birthday she got - a few people clubbed together and got a gift voucher for a well-known spa. And it’s really nice. It comes - this is our first touchpoint with that particular spa because I’ve never used them before, and yeah, it’s really nice. It comes in a lovely designed box, and the box is designed to stay open, so you can see a particular message. And once you get inside the box, it’s got a ribbon to pull the things out, which is very pleasant, it’s got a nicely branded something about all the different spas, even with some gold inlay, so a nice detail.
And then, in the design process they’ve gone away and thought, ‘We need to make these gift vouchers really quite nice, so what shall we do? We’ll put them on a really thick bit of card, so they seem quite expensive.’ Which is good. And it says, ‘You’ve got a Classic Escape for Two.’ Very nice too, but I don’t know what that is. And in that design process of this whole package, they’ve forgotten, I assume, to give information about what that is. Because underneath there, someone in the team has designed this. Which is not the same font as anything on there, it looks like a photocopy in a way, it’s got a border which is Word Art with a tiny little drawing pin. So that’s not great. But it’s not, you know, not a deal-breaker or anything.
So my next touchpoint on my customer journey through this process is to book our spa treatment. And I look on the gift voucher. It says, ‘Gift vouchers can be used for online bookings.’ That’s fine. There’s nothing too bad about that. So I then go onto their website, which is my next touchpoint. And I search through their system to see how I redeem these gift vouchers. And it says, ‘You should go all the way through the checkout process, and during the payment part of it you’ll find a place to put your voucher code. And it’ll all be tickety-boo.
So I go through this process. It’s Friday night, so all the customer service people have gone home, so booking online is my only option at this point. I book a night’s stay, and I go through all the different treatments that we can have. This is a special thing that we never really do, so it takes quite a long time. And because it’s only in a couple of weeks’ time, the availability on the treatments isn’t amazing. So you select a treatment that you want, and the time that you want it, and you press a button to see if it’s available. It polls that information online, but it takes about 10 seconds, and it comes back and goes, ‘No, here’s some other times.’ So to book four treatments, and the room, it took me about 45 minutes to an hour to discuss it with my wife and sort it all out.
So then I’m in the checkout process and I’m going, ‘Yes, I can finally pay for this and I can head off to bed and everything will be lovely.’ But then, in the voucher section, I put my voucher code in... No. It’s no dice. It says, ‘This voucher code is invalid.’ There’s also another button, which you can select for a different voucher code - I don’t really understand it - and I put that in… No, that doesn’t work either.
So I then print off that checkout, that basket, and send it in an email to them, and say, ‘How the hell do I actually use this voucher?’ And I get an email back, pretty quickly actually, the next morning, to say, ‘Well, you’ve got a Classic Escape for Two. You can’t book that online.’ But in all my touchpoints with this brand, it doesn’t say that anywhere. So they’ve created an area of friction for me. And if you were in that company, and you’d worked through all your customer journeys, one of those customer journeys would be someone getting a gift voucher, a Classic Escape for Two. And you’d work through that process, and you would figure out that this is quite a common thing that people are gonna come up against.
And when you’re running a company that does spas, you want every single touchpoint in that business to feel relaxing. So I’m coming out of this process slightly frustrated. But I’m taking that into my next touchpoint, which is going to be turning up at the spa. So that is something - that is a hurdle - that they’ve got to get over when I arrive. So everything’s got to be super duper once I arrive. But if I was arriving having had all these different touchpoints and everything felt lovely and wonderful and serene, then I’d arrive in a different frame of mind.
So maybe that’s a thing that you need to go through with your business. Are there touchpoints that you need to improve on? And maybe you’ve come across things in the past that you’ve thought was amazing, or there’s things that a company could improve on. If you have, send them to us and we’ll review them and have a look, and it’ll be really interesting to see.
Anyway, I need to get off and see if I can find Matt… and we’ll see you next week.
Oh yeah, so he wrapped up a… kite...

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