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Emma's top independent businesses in Nottingham

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Whether you're a local or just visiting, Nottingham has a wealth of independent shops and stores waiting to be discovered. After enduring the hardships of the pandemic and the impact of online shopping, it's now more important than ever to get out on the highstreet and support our independent businesses. 

Here are some of my favourite finds from the area.

No Homers

First up, I want to give a big shout out for No Homers, a 100% Plant-Based Irish Deli; the first of its kind in the UK!

Whether you are concerned about your health, the environment or animal welfare, evidence is piling up that meat-free diets are best. 

No Homers was established in 2019 out of a lifelong serious passion for tasty food and plant based living.

No Homers Deli, Nottingham

"Where does the name come from?" You may have guessed they are big Simpsons fans. No Homers is an homage to the sixth episode of season 12 - Homer the Great, which coins the slogan "Noli habere bovis, vir!" - Don't have a cow, man!

I can personally vouch that the food is delicious.

Debbie Bryan's

Debbie Bryan is certainly a unique local experience! You can't help but feel inspired from the moment you step inside.

An award winning design studio located in Nottingham's historic Lace Market, this quirky cafe offers handmade art, design and heritage collections for your home. Serving five-star afternoon tea, lunches and desserts, this quirky space provides both a creative and cultural experience.

Debbie Bryan's Nottingham

The delicious fayre, the handcrafted collections and the range of workshops make this a true gem of this city and a great way to feed your creativity. 

What more could you ask for? Go check it out for yourself… and remember, leave a review! 

Razzle Dazzle Pots 

This adorable pottery painting studio is located in the north of Nottingham. Razzle Dazzle Pots is the perfect space to spend a rainy afternoon with friends or your kids. With a huge selection of different sized pottery models, from mugs, vases, teddy bears, animals and even dog bowls, you can very quickly find a collection of pottery items to create your masterpiece.

Hot drinks and snacks are available as well. It's all too easy to pass the time painting your mug (on in our case, a mushroom). Razzle Dazzle Pots also provide the space for parties as well as evening painting sessions for adults.

Circus Hub 

Have you ever been amazed by acrobats you see in the circus or in performances? Or have you ever fancied trying yourself some aerial hoop or aerial silk? This place is the perfect location to try something new! Located in Sneinton Market, Circus Hub has day and evening classes available for all skill types.

Circus Hub Nottingham

It's a great space to meet new people, gain body strength and increase your flexibility through incredible and beautiful aerial acrobatics. One of us headed over to try out aerial silk, a gravity-defying acrobatic practice.


Luisa’s Vegan Chocolate shop! Do I even need to go on? 

There is so much about this business worth shouting about. Luisa’s is a female-led team who create chocolate using locally-sourced organic and fair trade chocolate, whenever possible. 

The second you walk into the shop you are hit with the delicious smell of chocolate and the friendly and welcoming faces of Luisa and Isabella.

Luisa makes all her chocolate with love. This begins with directly sourcing the finest quality cacao from family run cacao farms. Luisa and the team have been out to meet the farmers to make sure ethical working conditions are in place, teach them how to cultivate, and build strong and powerful relationships. Go and try her chocolate. I could honestly eat her sweet treats all day everyday (if she would let me).

The Watered Garden

A beautiful plant store located in Sneinton Market, The Watered Garden offers a variety of plants and terrariums for your home. Ideal for birthday presents or a treat for yourself, they have an array of choices that could fill your room! 

The Watered Garden, Nottingham

I love their community spirit and how their store is always so full of life in the hub of the market. If you ever fancy having a wholesome evening with your friends, I would totally recommend their terrarium workshops. With the choice of either a Corked Jar Terrarium or a Demijohn Terrarium, you can create a beautiful mini ecosystem that looks great on your desk and is low maintenance.

200 Degrees Coffee

And finally, I have to recommend the super delicious, really friendly 200 Degrees Coffee! A specialist coffee shop that started in the heart of Nottingham, they now have fifteen coffee shops and six barista schools in the UK, that are loved by many in the coffee industry. 

Living and breathing coffee is their motto and with their ever successful, extra smooth coffee, many of us daily drinkers can never get enough of their beans! 

We love their coffee so much we buy in bulk to use in our own coffee machines. If you'd like to try it, why not join us for a business breakfast?

Let's share the love! 

Supporting independent businesses doesn't always mean spending big bucks. There are many ways you can support small businesses other than buying goods and services. 

If there’s one thing we’re all able to easily do, it's create some free exposure. It’s a sad fact that most of us will only leave a review if we’ve had a bad experience. But now’s definitely the time to change that and start sharing our glowing and positive feedback. 

A simple share on social media can go a long way! Word of mouth is also a priceless act for these businesses, and there are so many more places we would love to rave about.

A few minutes to leave a review can make such a difference and also makes the business owners to feel appreciated for all their hard work. 

If you want to help a business but don’t need their product or service immediately, buying a gift card is another great way to support them and show loyalty.

So what are you waiting for? Get exploring! Get on supporting! Let’s keep the authentic and independent gems alive and spread the word!

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