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Thought about your customers lately?

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Do you want to make a better connection with your audience? I mean, of course you do - that's how you're going to succeed as a business. But how do you do it?

  1. Define your ideal audience.

  2. Create audience profiles

  3. Think about your customers' journey

  4. Make the points between points remarkable

First, you need to define your ideal audience. That's not necessarily the audience you have, but the audience you want. If you're not happy with your current audience, changing your branding and communication can help you to target the audience you really want.

The next step is to accurately profile your key audience types. I'm not talking demographics - although these can be useful to a degree - I'm talking psychometrics. What do they care about? What problems do they have that you can solve? What are they looking for in your company?

Create profiles for each of your main customers and write as much detail as you can about them. Really get inside their heads. Give them a photo and a name so that they feel human.

Once you've done this exercise, you will find it a lot easier to communicate with those people.

Your customers have a certain experience of your brand based on the touchpoints they're exposed to. They might first be exposed to your brand via a social media advert, your website, a trade show stand, on the side of a bus... and so on. But after that first exposure, where do they go next? They will start to dig a little deeper, maybe engage with you, buy something from you, talk to your representatives. How do those interactions go? Are they positive or negative? Do they have a great experience from start to finish, or are there points of pain?

You may think you're already doing a great job of meeting your customers' needs, but most businesses neglect at least one part of their customers' journeys. Lots of companies pay loads of attention to the pre-sale stage, but completely neglect their customers after they've clicked 'buy'. Customer loyalty and retention can be hugely improved by taking care of customers after they've purchased.

Plot the journeys each of your profiled audience members take as they interact with your brand and determine which areas can be improved to make their experience even better.

The best brands go one step further, and look at each of the little points between their major touchpoints. They create remarkable moments that give their customers something to really talk about. This is how brand ambassadors are created, how awareness spreads organically, and how your brand goes from great to exceptional.

We've put together a pack to help you develop your customer profiles and journeys. Download it and let us know how you get on!

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