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What lessons can we learn from Ted Lasso

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Well, that’s that - at least for now. After three seasons, Ted Lasso has come to an end. The tale about a somewhat unconventional American Football coach brought in to manage the fictional AFC Richmond first gripped hearts and minds in the midst of 2020 - the less said about that year the better. On the surface, it was a silly, heartwarming story about the epic highs and lows of the beautiful game - but beneath it all lay some genuine life lessons which we’d all be wise to bear in mind at work and at home. Beware - there may be spoilers ahead! 

The Power of Positivity

GIF of Ted Lasso saying The character of Ted Lasso himself, played by Jason Sudeikis, is overwhelmingly positive. He embraces situations with optimism, a good sense of humour and the fundamental belief that the team around him can succeed, even when times are difficult. This is ultimately encapsulated in the iconic ‘Believe’ sign that is proudly displayed in the team’s changing room. Like in football, maintaining a positive attitude at work can sometimes feel difficult, especially when things aren’t going your way. However, maintaining a positive attitude as best you can can help to foster a spirit of motivation, resilience and teamwork. By supporting one another and focusing on solutions, rather than the problem itself we can take a leaf out of Ted’s book and be goldfish

Embracing Empathy

GIF of Ted Lasso saying To his core, Ted is an empathetic leader. From his relationships and interactions with his team, coaching staff, and even his adversaries, we see Ted take the time to consider other people’s perspectives and listen to their concerns. In our working world, empathy is just as crucial. It helps to forge strong relationships, resolve conflicts and promote inclusivity. By putting ourselves into other people’s shoes, it’s far easier to build a culture of understanding, collaboration and mutual respect.  

Having a Supportive Environment

GIF of Dr Sharon in Ted Lasso saying It quickly becomes apparent when watching Ted Lasso, that Ted isn’t your usual sports coach. He goes above and beyond the usual remit of his job description, genuinely caring about his team’s wellbeing both on and off the field. It’s hardly a spoiler to reveal that in doing so, the team becomes more and more successful as the episodes go on. It’s the same at work. A workplace culture and environment that prioritises teamwork, personal development and a healthy work-life balance will naturally lead to increases in morale, productivity and overall job satisfaction. 

Authentic Leadership

GIF of Ted Lasso pointing at the Believe sign in the AFC Richmond changing room.Ted is as Ted does. The same goes for the team around him, whether that’s Coach Beard, Roy, Rebecca, Keeley - or even Nate (when he’s not being Rupert’s minion). By remaining true to themselves and standing up for what they believe in, there’s an immediate authenticity to who they are and how they lead the people around them. Authentic leadership fosters trust, encourages open discussions and empowers team members to take ownership of their work. Through embracing our unique qualities and values, we can ultimately build a positive work-culture, just like that of AFC Richmond’s changing room. 

Celebrating our differences

GIF of Ted Lasso saying Central to the show’s success is the message that no matter your background, you can succeed to the highest level. Whether you’re a Rebecca or a Sam, a Keeley or a Jamie, embracing these differences is what is fundamental to success. The more voices around a table, the bigger the range of creative ideas and innovations - it’s not rocket science!  Making people feel valued and listened to will - you’ve guessed it - help to build a positive work culture and inspire others to be the best that they can be . 

Ultimately, whether or not you’re a fan of football or the show itself, Ted Lasso demonstrates the importance of everything we’ve discussed in this blog post - embracing positivity and empathy, creating a supportive environment, leading authentically and celebrating our differences. Moustaches and dad jokes aside, if everyone was just a little more Ted, work would surely be a better place for all of us. #BeMoreTed

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