Monkey Monday - May 4th, 2019

4 real-world brands we love (Nottingham edition)

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It’s Monday again and we’re still vlogging! Today Matt and Chris are taking another look at some real-world brands we think are Doing Good Things (see our last vlog about this).

This time they’re focusing on four brands from our home town of Nottingham (as nominated by RM Communications Expert, Mel): LeftLion Magazine Nottingham, JamCafe, Sneinton Market Avenues and Annie's Burger Shack Nottingham.

Here’s the overview:

  • Leftlion Magazine (01:01)

  • Jam Cafe (02:21)

  • Sneinton Market Avenues (03:19)

  • Annie’s Burger Shack (04:30)

Check out these local brands to find out why we like them so much. Also, comment below to rate us out of 10 on how well you think we drew their logos...

Want your business to make the list?

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No, sorry, wrong number.
Oh. Okay, thanks, bye.
Oh, hi!
Oh, hi! Matt here from Rusty Monkey.
And Chris here, also from Rusty Monkey!
No way, man. I work there. So, we’re doing another four favourite brands, and we thought we’d do it slightly differently this time. Instead of me and Chris choosing, we asked one of our team members, Mel – who’s one of our communication experts – to come up with four brands. But not just four brands, four brands local to us, four brands in Nottingham that we think tell a great story. And, quick disclaimer, we haven’t worked with any of these guys – this is not anything that we’ve done or worked on, it’s just something that Mel admires and wanted to share with us. And it has a big cultural steer – they’re all tied together with how they brand themselves and use local knowledge and local culture to really bring their brand to life.
So the first one is the Leftlion.
So what is the Leftlion?
It’s basically a monthly magazine, it’s online and in print – I’ve got my notes here that Mel’s given me, so I’m going to try not to miss anything – and what they do really well is celebrate Nottingham, celebrate the culture of Nottingham and the people of Nottingham, and that feels to me like their real drive in tone of voice – it’s all about celebrating that whole culture.
I haven’t heard about these guys, but when I found out that they write all their articles in a Nottingham dialect, that’s pretty amazing.
Yeah, they do, which is really clever. So they’ve really thought about their tone of voice, and they’ve thought about their audience and how they communicate with their audience. So it’s a really unique thing. And their name is very clever as well, because the Left Lion is a famous meeting spot in Nottingham; outside the Council buildings they have these two lions, and the Left Lion is where everybody met. Everybody knows the right lion, nobody meets there.
Nobody at all?
Only fools meet at the right lion. So it’s a really clever tap into parts of the culture of Nottingham and I’ve a lot of respect for how they present themselves.
So that moves us on to the Jam Cafe, who are also part of Nottingham culture and trying to bring people together with what they do.
Yeah, little independent business. What we really like about them is how they’re an independent business who work with other independent businesses in the area. So, for instance, there’s U-Canteen just over the road that do Chinese food, and you can order from their menu and they’ll go over the road and fetch it for you and bring you that food. They work with other independent restaurants as well in the area, they bring in independent beers. They really celebrate the music scene as well, so they have DJs and live bands, and it’s just a great cultural spot, and it’s a celebration of independent businesses working together and communicating, kind of through one voice – so a really nice little place to get together.
And creating community, which leads us on to the Sneinton Market, which is a whole group of places that have sprung up as an independent part of Nottingham, and they’ve really regenerated an entire sector.
Yes and it’s a wider story about the Creative Quarter, and Sneinton Market used to be a pretty dingy part of Nottingham, but now it’s just given birth to all these small, independent businesses and it now has a kind of personality all of its own. You can get big widescreen sports stuff going on, they do little beer festivals, little food festivals, and all the little traders there, they all get involved in those activities. It’s becoming a little bit like Camden Market, in one respect. It’s getting cohesive, in that kind of representation of its own culture. It’s quite a cool thing to see, especially from somewhere that was a pretty grotty area.
And all these show what Mel enjoys doing. She enjoys going out, eating nice food, buying independent things, and finally she likes eating burgers.
She does probably like eating burgers. Annie’s is a really cool story, actually. We’ve known Annie for many years. As a company on a Friday night, when we used to finish work, we used to go to where Annie was originally based. She’s gone through a few different venues in Nottingham, but now she’s finally found her feet over the last six years, I think she’s been there now in her present location. She kind of rebranded, had her own identity, and it’s a real celebration of the American burger joint. She’s from Rhode Island, and she’s just brought that entire feel to a little restaurant/bar in the centre of Nottingham. Again, they do loads of really cool stuff, so they have quiz nights and different themed nights. They do a lot on social media as well, very good on social media around Halloween – pretending the place is haunted, doing these little videos of stools moving around. I say pretend, of course it is genuine – this is all genuine footage.
Of course.
So they’ve really thought about how they present themselves, they’ve really understood their customer base, because they offer vegan, vegetarian and meat across their entire range of burgers. So you can have any burger in vegan or vegetarian. They’re very good at other things as well, like celebrity endorsements. Johnny Vegas has been there, he has his own burger named after him. And it’s a real cohesive brand they’ve put together, with lots of focus and thought on it. And the downstairs bar has a real Rhode Island feel to it. So again, a great example of using cultural marketing.
So you should check out all these places, and we’ll put links down below. If you’re in Nottingham, have a look.
Yes, read about them in the Leftlion, go for a drink at the Jam Cafe, swing by Sneinton Market for a quick look at the sports that are going on, then finish the night off with a burger.
Sounds lovely.
A day out in Nottingham. Let’s go do it now.
Alright, bye!

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