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How to make a great eCommerce site

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Once someone has arrived at your eCommerce store, how often do they complete the purchasing process? If you’re finding that you have a high bounce rate, or that people are abandoning items in their shopping basket, that might be because you need to improve the UX - user experience - of your site.

In today’s Monkey Monday vlog, Matt and Chris are talking about how you can improve your users’ experience of your eCommerce site so that you can convert more leads into sales.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • #1 Understand your user journeys (00:26). Take a look at our other vlogs on user journeys here and here, or read our article on this topic here.

  • #2 Be transparent about your costs (00:53)

  • #3 Invest in your content (01:25)

  • #4 Make the checkout experience easy (02:28)

  • #5 Analyse and adjust (03:04)

All this leads to the development of trust, which is key when it comes to convincing your customers to part with their hard-earned cash. If you want to find out more about eCommerce UX, check out our article below.

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Let’s go straight into it, why not?
Why not.
It’s another Monkey Monday.
Hello, I’m Matt
I’m Chris.
And we’re here to talk about how you make your eCommerce great.
With some top 5 UX tips.
UX is user experience, if you don’t know it. So it’s basically, we’re giving you 5 tips here to help improve your eCommerce store. Or build your eCommerce store if you’re starting from scratch.
So the first one is to understand your customer journey and build your use cases. So we talk a lot about customer journey and use cases - check out some of our other vlogs, they go into those in more detail. But the key thing really is this is how you can measure how good your website is because if you understand that particular user journey, you can measure how well your site is going to be doing against that.
And number two is show your shipping and taxes, and be transparent. So, a lot of websites - I mean, I’ve just booked a holiday, and it’s really difficult. The transparency side of that is quite tricky. So you’ll do a search, you’ll find a price, then suddenly you go five layers down and you’ll realise it’s gone up like £200. So you just junk it and go somewhere else. So you’ve got to be really open and honest about what - how much things cost initially. And then more people will go all the way through your checkout process.
Yeah, and similar to that, invest in that content, make sure that content is as rich as it can be on the page. So if you’re selling, I dunno, picture frames, just off the top of my head, the more information you can give about that picture frame, the more you answer those people’s questions about that the better.
Yeah, and be the expert. You could do nice little videos showing the detail you put into your picture frames so people know they’re not going to fall apart straightaway. And also in photography you can show more details of stuff, so people will understand what they’re actually buying.
Yeah, so invest in good photography, invest in video, invest in the written content on that page. Take time to review products if you’re selling other people’s products, if you’re more of a grab a load of wholesale things and sell them out. So the more your customers can understand that you guys really understand what you’re selling and how great it is, the better you’re gonna convert.
And I think it’s a really good thing to do is just go around the internet and see what you’ve actually bought and see what the pages have been like, what’s made you purchase something over something else?
Yeah exactly. And what’s really important is the checkout process. We live in a world of Amazon, where it’s one-click ordering, and people are getting very very used to that. So if you’re selling things on your own website, you can get frustrated if you’re having to put in swathes and swathes of information. So, you know, think about your payment service provider. You can use Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, all of these already hold that payment detail and make that checkout process quicker. And there’s lots of other things you can do to make that checkout experience easy. And that brings you onto the last bit, which is analyse and adjust. Not just your pages but even your checkout. If you AB test on your checkout - so providing - ‘Hey look, we’ve got some new ideas of how this checkout could work. Let’s test that, see how well that works,’ you might find very small measures in conversion there, and with each small measure of conversion, your whole marketing package is gonna work better for you.
Yeah, it’s really interesting how a tiny change can make actually a big difference in how many people go through to the end.
Yep. And all of these things really, they just lead to one major word, and this is something you should always have in mind when you look at your own eCommerce store, which is trust. The more people trust that you’re the experts, trust in your product, trust that you have a safe checkout experience, trust your little security certificate, understand your payment service providers - the more you build that level of trust with the customer, the better your site’s going to work and convert for you.
Mm, great!
And that’s everything. Let’s be ghosts. It’s halloween!
Oh, ok! Woooooooooo!
Spook away!

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