Monkey Monday - December 21st, 2020

Find out about our campaign to save a business, and Merry Christmas!

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We’re feeling very festive at RMHQ today, and we’re excited to share some peace and goodwill with all our followers and friends. Thank you for watching our vlogs throughout 2020 - we hope you’ve found them useful and entertaining in what has been a very challenging year.

It’s been difficult for everyone in lots of different ways, and some businesses have been hit hard. We hate the idea that this pandemic will cause some companies to fail, some jobs to be lost, and some dreams to be sacrificed. And we want to help in whatever way we can.

That’s why we’re launching a campaign to save a business, using our knowledge of branding and marketing, and our network of enterprising contacts. We’ll be running a competition to find a business that we can bring back from the brink, and the prize will be up to £20,000 of Rusty Monkey services and advice.

If you think your business is a candidate, or if you know of someone else who needs a helping hand - head over to our website to enter. The closing date is midnight on March 31st 2021, so don't delay.

We understand this might be a sensitive and painful topic for you, so all entries will be kept anonymous, and we’ll never release details of your business to the public without your permission.

Equally, if you feel like you might have some skills, resources or knowledge to contribute to our campaign, we’d love to hear from you. We’re always on the lookout for people who have similar goals to partner with us.

Let’s #saveabusiness.

Want to get involved?

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Season 3 Ep8
Just make it snow. Ooh, it's chilly in here today, isn't it? Brrr.
Every year we do our vlogs for Christmas and we record them slightly earlier than Christmas. So we don't have a Christmas tree or anything.
I know.
And Matt says, can't you put it on in post?
Yeah, just post-production. Sometimes Chris is so lazy, everybody. I don't know why I put up with him.
Well, because, because I do all the editing--
This is supposed to be festive! Merry Christmas, everyone!
Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!
Happy Monday. It's a Monkey Monday.
It is.
It's our festive one.
It is. And what are we going to talk about?
Um, we thought it was a really good slot to talk a tiny bit about OKRs. And maybe to give you an example of what one of ours is, and help us launch a campaign.
Yeah. So our campaign, uh, because of, uh, recent events is to try and save a business.
And it came from us doing some in-depth workshops for ourselves, um, in Rusty Monkey, to work out why we exist, who we want to help and why we want to help them. And we've understood for a long time, we're an agency that, um, we know that we get a lot of happiness when we see companies grow, succeed, um, change their culture, change, um, how they communicate with their audience. And that brings us a lot of joy, doesn't it? Even in, even in really small ways, even if we do a one-to-one meeting with somebody and we get them thinking about marketing in a different way and they go off and something in their business changes and it's exciting, and it's, it's awesome to see. And that brings us so much happiness that we understand that's why we exist. Um, so when we started looking at our own OKRs - and there'll be a link down here somewhere that'll explain a bit more about ORKs if you're not familiar with them - we decided to try and find an objective that fits within our cause. We're a firm believer that objectives should serve either your cause, your crew - which is your team - or your customer in some meaningful way. So this is our cause one and we thought, well, our cause is to help businesses, is to help them succeed. And then we thought, well, you know, it's not a great time for some people to be in business. So we've set a goal. Can we, by a certain date, probably listed somewhere below in one of the pages, yet to be confirmed by the time we recorded this.
Or we haven't decided.
But can we save a business? And when we think about it, how many businesses are struggling because of lockdown and because of the knock-on effects from COVID and the economy - we know there's a lot of companies out there who are maybe struggling. So that's our, that's where it's been born from.
Yep. And, um, we're going to give, um, a certain value of, uh, our work, possibly £16,000, towards helping save a business. So we're, we're looking for entries for people to get in touch, to see what we can do. We might split that money between a few companies and give advice. I mean, I just personally want to help as many people, uh, stay in employment as possible, really. And help businesses grow.
Yeah. And we want, you know, we're not doing this for a big PR piece, so, um, if you do nominate yourselves - and there'll be a link again, down here, um, of where to go to, to, to apply effectively for us to, to help you guys - um, it's an anonymous thing. We're just going to be, we'll just get in touch with you if we think that we can help you and we want to help you, uh, we will get in touch and we will have a chat and we will discuss ways that we might be able to help. And that help could look like, look like lots of different things. It might be quite a simple thing for us. Maybe you used to be in retail and that's struggling now, and you don't have an online shop or that's difficult to get working for you. I mean, that's, that's quite a straightforward thing for us to step into and, and fix. It could be, it could be something as simple as some networking. Uh, maybe you've got problems with security. We deal with a couple of security companies. So we might make a connection with, you know, your pains and, uh, another, another customer over here who maybe wants to take part in what we're trying to do. And we've spoken to some of the companies that we deal with and they're really on board trying to help, um, with this particular goal. And I think between us, our network of businesses that we know, our knowledge, some of our, um, actual services, the idea that we could actually turn a company around and save jobs, um, I think would be really fulfilling for us. And it'd be a really nice Christmas present for maybe all those people.
It's just trying to use that hive mind. You might be in a business feeling as if you're isolated or on your own. But we, as a company and our clients have maybe seen those same issues before and we can all help.
So that's, uh, that's what we're doing. Merry flipping Christmas. If you're interested or if you know, you're interested, you know, share, share the link with people, um, put in an application yourselves, we're thinking as well for those people that we may not give the main fund or the main amount of work to there might be some small one hour slots we might be able to give out there as well. So, um, our goal really is by the end of the deadline, yet to be determined, um, that we can prove to ourselves internally that we actually turned something around for somebody, and we'll work very hard to make that goal a reality for us.
Yep. Let's just make a difference.
Yeah. And the exciting thing is how excited our team are about this. And we've been waiting for a while to launch this. So I think this is launch day. I wish we had more...
I've got a party popper...
You do the party popper and I'll do one of those things that go out. [Beeeep] You can do it all in post, Chris, it'll be fine. Um, so there we go. Have an amazing Christmas. We'll be back in the new year with more Monkey nonsense and the occasional swear word. Bum.
See you later.

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