Monkey Monday - April 6th, 2020

Adaptation and team unity

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It’s another Monday in lockdown, and this time Chris is talking about how you might be able to use this time to your advantage. The situation is scary and strange, and many companies are - understandably - going into survival mode. But others are adapting. Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity to transform your business into something better and stronger.

Chris shares a Simon Sinek video, in which he talks about how the businesses who adapt will be the ones who succeed. The COVID-19 situation is just another event in a long history of seismic changes that have caused businesses to fail or thrive, depending on their response. Don’t let your business be one of the ones that fails.

Get in touch if you’d like to find out more about how you can transform your business during the coronavirus outbreak to not only survive, but to come out stronger and more robust on the other side.

Is COVID forcing you to pivot?

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Hey everyone. Chris here from Rusty Monkey. Obviously, we’re all at home, so no Matt today, just me in my kitchen-dining room. And I want to share with you a few things we’ve learned this week, and we’ll be doing this throughout the coronavirus outbreak, to see how we can move forwards. And take it as a positive thing, really.
And the first thing I wanna talk about is remote working. Obviously, we’re all remote working, and we’ve got a few channels that we use to keep communication going. So we’ve got a chat thing - so we use a thing on Zoho called Cliq, which is the same as Slack or Messages or whatever. And that’s really useful. But the main thing we do on a Wednesday is still try to bring everyone together in a massive video chat, so it’s a bit like your Houseparty kind of thing, just so we can all connect as a team, we can see what people are doing, we can see who’s shaped their eyebrows this week if their videos are working… and just really have some connection. It’s really difficult when you’re remote working to keep focused and to still know that you’re in a team, and I think having a full hour-long chat together to discuss projects and to just discuss how people are going has been really invaluable.
And you’ll be able to see an example of this with a video that I want to show next, which is a Simon Sinek video - he’s a… I wouldn’t say he’s a friend of the show, it’s just that we suggest his videos a lot. But he’s done a video with his team, where he talks about what’s happened in the world, and how things are always shifting. So when Uber came along, they shook the world of taxis, and they had a bit of an issue there. But basically what’s happening now is because everyone’s stopped, the whole world is shaken up, so you need to look at what is gonna be happening in your world after this finishes.
So there’s a few nice points in it - there’s a link down below - and he says that we have to look at what we will be, after all this coronavirus stuff has finished, not what we are at the minute. He talks about companies in the past which have gone into lockdown themselves, and just kept the same. So if you imagine Blockbuster Video - they didn’t really want to get into the whole streaming service, because they knew that it would take away from their buildings, where everyone always used to go - but they didn’t see the bigger picture, their whole world was tumbling in and they could have done something, and they didn’t. And the same with Kodak when their world changed, they invented the digital camera but they didn’t really want to push it too much, because they were reliant on film stocks. So it’s just a real cry for looking at what’s happening in the future and what you’re doing.
This is - I’m gonna put another video out, potentially an advert, that talks about this is a really important time in business where - at no other time in business would someone have said you could have three months - or whatever it’s going to be - three months off, you can put all your employees to one side if you want, if you’re in a business where you can’t do anything. And you can have three months to think about what your business is going to be after that. So you can work on your branding, you can work on your website, you can work on your customer journey, how you can deal with people. And you can come out after the three months all guns blazing, you can go go go, because you’ve changed everything. It’s a time-- When you have normal clients, the normal world, when you just don’t have time to look at this kind of stuff. But now, there’s really no excuse.
So I would say watch the Simon Sinek video, and go away and think about what you can actually achieve in these two or three months. You can actually achieve an awful lot, and when we come out of this, your business could be much stronger.
Anyway, I better get off and water that new plant there. But you take care of yourselves, and we’ll see you for another Monkey Monday next week. Alright, cheers!
Oh yeah, and by the way, if you click here, there’s a video that YouTube thinks you’ll like. Click here for the one we think you’ll like. And click here to subscribe. Thank you very much! See ya later.

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